Omnilux face mask results

The Complete Guide to Buying a Wrinkle or Acne LED Face Mask

The best face mask for wrinkles shines red and infrared. The best mask for acne shines blue and red. The ...
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Bestqool light therapy panel

The Shortcut Guide to Choosing a Light Therapy Device

In the tables below, find the condition you want to treat with light therapy. Look at the "Best Colors" for ...
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HairMax PowerFlex cap

Does HairMax Really Grow Hair?

HairMax makes caps, combs and bands regrow about 1/2 inch of hair per month. The principle of shining red light ...
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Joe Rogan and Joe Rogaine

What Kind of Red Light Grows Hair?

Red light is the most scientifically supported light to regrow lost hair, but infrared and even blue can also stimulate ...
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Bestqool light therapy panel

How to Get a 36″ Red Light Therapy Panel for Way Less Money

You can buy a heavily marketed 36" high therapy panel for almost $1200, and it does not even come with ...
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Red light therapy face mask

The Complete Guide to Choosing a Light Therapy Device

Use the guides below to narrow down the COLOR LIGHT for your condition and the DEVICE TYPE that fits that ...
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Best flexible pad facial therapy light device

Best Aging, Acne and Rosacea Red Light Devices

The Hydraskincare Photons is a flexible device similar to the much higher-priced Celluma. The Hydraskincare Professional is best for convenient, ...
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Red is safe. Infrared can be harmful to the eyes

Answers You Need to Be a Confident Red Light Therapy Buyer

Out of 5,000 red (and blue, infrared, green and yellow) light studies in the past 50 years, the vast majority ...
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Best hair growth red light therapy

The Best Red Light for Hair Loss and Regrowth

The best red light for hands-free hair growth is the HairMax PowerFlex LaserCap 272. The best red light for blazing ...
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Red light therapy face mask.

Best Red Light Therapy Devices

Compare light therapy devices to choose the right one for you ...
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