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Can Red Light Therapy Help Dementia? Complete Guide Part 2

Mitochondria create energy. Many neurological diseases are associated with impaired mitochondrial function.

There are 5,000 mitochondria in each cell making up the heart. One fifth of the liver’s mass consists of energy-producing mitochondria organelles. When mitochondria are damaged or go dormant, the functions of life slow down.

There is no life without functioning mitochondria to energize the body.

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Therapy Goals Disclaimer

All of the devices listed here are allowed for sale as wellness devices in the United States. Wellness devices do not cure diseases, but they do support healthy functioning.Thousands of studies show photobiomodulation (light therapy) and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) have beneficial health effects with high safety profiles.

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Does HairMax Really Grow Hair?

HairMax makes caps, combs and bands regrow about 1/2 inch of hair per month. The principle of shining red light on hair follicles goes back to the 1960s. In four human and two mouse studies, the HairMax LaserComb increased hair growth rate and strength over controls.

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The Shortcut Guide to Choosing a Light Therapy Device

In the tables below, find the condition you want to treat with light therapy. Look at the “Best Colors” for that condition, based on successful scientific studies. On the next line, view the type of light that works best for that condition. The devices are listed in order starting with the best.

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Wrinkle or Acne LED Face Mask

The best face mask for wrinkles shines red and infrared. The best mask for acne shines blue and red. The best face mask manufacturers put three (maximum four) colors in their masks, not seven as we so often see. Flexible face masks are the most comfortable, but you can make rigid masks comfortable with a bit of cotton.

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The Best Red Light for Hair Loss and Regrowth

The best red light for hands-free hair growth is the HairMax PowerFlex LaserCap 272. The best red light for blazing fast treatment times per session is the HairMax LaserBand 12. The best red light for effective hair loss at a fantastic price is the HairMax LaserComb 82.

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How to Get a 36″ Red Light Therapy Panel for Way Less Money

You can buy a heavily marketed 36″ high therapy panel for almost $1200, and it does not even come with a door mounting kit. While there is a science to good LED devices, you don’t need rocket surgeons and brain scientists to build a good panel. Let’s compare the expensive box to a Bestqool Y-200. I’m about to save you a whole lot of money.

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