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Hi! I am red light therapy expert Caroline Bogart

After studying thousands of articles and testing dozens of products, I’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to relieving discomfort, pain and symptoms using red light therapy.

I teach you shortcuts to find the right light for your needs, without overspending.

I teach you how to use the light the right way.

Learn how red light therapy works, why it works for so many issues, why you haven’t heard about this from your doctor, how to shop for the right light for you, and the right way to use your light.

If you can’t find the answers you need, please write me on the contact page. Don’t worry about bothering me. I love talking about red light therapy.

I help people find the right device. I can help you, too.


Alison A testimonial

Dear Caroline, Thank you again for your help. After three months using the device, my mother is stable. I mean, she is not getting worse. I just needed you to know this — SHE HUGGED ME! She knew who I was and she gave me a hug. So I just wanted you to know. 

Hello Caroline, as requested here is a three month update. We started slowly about 5 minutes more each day it was less than a week to get to 20 minutes. [He] follows me around while I’m cleaning, asks if he can help. I had him dry the dishes. He was slow but did fine. I think he wanted to be with me. That’s a change. He is also better about bathing. Not refusing or protesting now.

john R testimonial

Hi again – so you were right about the 40 Hz and 10 Hz. I did feel a little weird on the 40 Hz. I stick to 10 Hz now. Nothing lost though, my wife is using the 40 Hz.

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