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About Caroline Bogart

Hello. I am Caroline Bogart. I am a programmer, writer, researcher, and web developer. I build free websites for animal rescues. I was once featured in the Boston Globe for teaching programming to out of work programmers so we could build a website for a homeless shelter.

I have been obsessed with light therapy after stumbling on it in 2019. I was writing about EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and found this amazing therapy using only light. It seemed too good to be true.

I dove into the science to discover that it’s not only true, it’s incredibly well supported in thousands of studies. Light heals.

Light therapy can heal so many problems because it stimulates the body to make energy. Rather than acting on the wrinkles or acne, or pain, it stimulates the cells to make the energy required for the body to heal itself.

EMF Channel is my site where I dive into the science of light therapy. Best Red Light Therapy is my site where I help you find the right light therapy device for your specific situation.