What Kind of Red Light Grows Hair?

Joe Rogan and Joe Rogaine

Red light is the most scientifically supported light to regrow lost hair, but infrared and even blue can also stimulate hair growth. Most studies on androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) support using red and infrared for hair loss.

Does HairMax Really Grow Hair?

HairMax PowerFlex cap

HairMax makes caps, combs and bands regrow about 1/2 inch of hair per month. The principle of shining red light on hair follicles goes back to the 1960s. In four human and two mouse studies, the HairMax LaserComb increased hair growth rate and strength over controls.

Answers You Need to Be a Confident Red Light Therapy Buyer

Red is safe. Infrared can be harmful to the eyes

Out of 5,000 red (and blue, infrared, green and yellow) light studies in the past 50 years, the vast majority support light therapy as a reliable healing modality. Red light therapy can heal so many problems because it stimulates the body to make energy. Rather than acting on the wrinkles or acne, or pain, it stimulates the cells to make the energy required for the body to heal itself.