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Coupons and Discounts

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Dr. Dougal wearing the Maculume CognitoLite dementia therapy helmet with eye covering NONE
No discounts at this time, but use this link to learn how to buy the CognitoLite photobiomodulation helmet used in several successful dementia symptom reversal studies.
Bestqool light therapy panel 5% OFF
Bestqool makes sturdy lights with separate infrared and red controls to control exactly which therapy you're doing. Use EMFCHANNEL for a 5% discount.
Red Light Rising therapy 10% OFF
Red Light Rising
Red Light Rising is one of the oldest and most experienced red light therapy vendors in the UK. Use code EMFCHANNEL for 10% off.
Vielight 810 nm Infrared Neuro Alpha Red Light Therapy Device 10% OFF
10% off all Vielight Products
10% off all Vielight products. The Neuro Gamma is one of the most scientifically validated products on the market (the other being Neuradiant from Neuronic). Vielight offers a liberal 6 month return for 80% refund, meaning you can cheaply "rent" the device to test it. This is a first tier dementia therapy choice. Use code EMFCHANNEL at checkout for a 10% discount.
Light reflecting on hamstrings 15% OFF
15% off all Nushape products. These are some of my favorite neoprene wrap therapy devices. They're strong, bright, high quality, and customer service is excellent. Enter code EMFCHANNEL for 15% off.
LightPath LED iLED strong LEDs 5% OFF
Expert light therapy provider Scott Kennedy walks you through your purchase. Liberal return to try and upgrade your device. Best customer support of any light therapy devices out there. Enter code EMFCHANNEL for 5% off.
Neuradiant 1070 4q helmet 5% OFF
Neuradiant 1070 4 Quadrant
Fee includes three months consultation with Dr. Marvin Berman, author of major brain photobiomodulation studies, You will start with a QEEG, a "quantitative" brain map. Dr. Berman will remotely program your four quadrant light to meet your specific neurodegeneration therapy needs. Use code EMFCHANNEL for a 5% discount.