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How to Acquire a 1070 Dementia Device

Dr Paul Chazot and Dr Gordon Dougal show off the Maculume CognitoLite device


Dr. Dougal wearing the Maculume CognitoLite dementia therapy helmet with eye covering NONE
No discounts at this time, but use this link to learn how to buy the CognitoLite photobiomodulation helmet used in several successful dementia symptom reversal studies.
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Neuradiant 1070 4 Quadrant
Fee includes three months consultation with Dr. Marvin Berman, author of major brain photobiomodulation studies, You will start with a QEEG, a "quantitative" brain map. Dr. Berman will remotely program your four quadrant light to meet your specific neurodegeneration therapy needs. Use code EMFCHANNEL for a 5% discount.

Dr. Paul Chazot and Dr. Gordon Dougal invented the CognitoLite photobiomodulation (red light therapy, or PBM) helmet. The PBM device is the subject of several published studies on dementia, Parkinson’s and healthy brains. The results are significantly more impressive than any dementia drug.

Dr. Dougal wearing the Maculume CognitoLite dementia therapy helmet with eye covering1070 nm (nanometers) is a special wavelength of light. It has the best ability to pass through water of all wavelengths tested for brain light therapy. The brain is70% water. The 1070 nm wavelength passes easily through water to reach the tissue.

Neuradiant 1070 4q helmet

Dr. Marvin Berman is a co-author on the CognitoLite studies. His QuietMIND Foundation partnered with Baylor, Scott & White Health Chief Neurologist Dr. Jason Huang to test CognitoLite on dementia and Parkinson’s patients. There was a 20.1% increase in the Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE) in the latest CognitoLite study. That translated to dementia severity diagnoses going from “medium” to “mild” dementia. Their dementia diagnoses reversed.

Dr. Berman built on the success of the CognitoLite. The Neuradiant 1070-4Q was released in January 2022. This helmet adds pulsed frequencies and separates treatment into four quadrants for more specific targeting. Neuronic sells the Neuradiant 1070 and the Neuradiant 1070 4Q.

The Neuradiant 1070 helmet has multiple pulsing frequencies and offers the 1070 nm wavelength used in the successful dementia and memory studies.

The Neuradiant 1070 4Q model purchase includes three months of remote consultation with Dr. Berman to create a personalized therapy program using the device. The user gets a quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) either in Philadelphia or from a local provider. Dr. Berman uses this test to create a Neuradiant 1070 4Q program based on your specific brainwave deficits. The user will get two or three QEEG’s over the course of consultation. They are not included in the helmet purchase price.

The Neuradiant 1070 (without 4Q) is the same device as the Neuradiant 1070 4Q. The purchase of the non-4Q helmet includes a 20 minute phone call with Dr. Berman, and does not include the four quadrant controls. Dr. Berman sells this device to DIY biohackers.

To Purchase a CognitoLite

Dr. Dougal manufacturers the CognitoLite helmet by hand. There is a 3 week lead time for purchases. Follow the instructions on to maket he purchase.

To Purchase a Neuradiant 1070

Dr. Berman sells the Neuradiant through a partnership with Neuronic. Please visit my Neuradiant page for discount instructions and a link to the Neuronic website.