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Red light therapy face mask.
Vielight Neuro Duo front and side

Red Light Therapy for Dementia: The Complete Guide, Part 4

This is the Best Red Light Device for At-Home Dementia Therapy If I could offer you just one device to ...
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Max Burr wearing Parkinson's Helmet

Red Light Therapy for Dementia: The Complete Guide, Part 3: Read This Before Buying a Brain Light

Dementia symptom improvements correlated with red light therapy in clinical trials and case reports include: improved mood less aggression improved ...
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Dementia man losing head

Red Light Therapy for Dementia: The Complete Guide, Part 2: Trust the Science.

Red Light Therapy Fuels Our Biological Energy Factories Mitochondria create energy. Many neurological diseases are associated with impaired mitochondrial function ...
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Dementia woman losing head

Red Light Therapy for Dementia: The Complete Guide, Part 1: Dementia is a Nightmare. Photobiomodulation is the Light.

The physical and emotional demands of dementia care often lead to sadness, depression, insomnia and headaches, according to the Mayo ...
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Vielight Neuro Duo front and side

The Complete Brain Light Buying Guide

I read 37 blogs about dementia and caregiving, and not one of them mentioned treatments. Something amazing is happening in ...
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Joe Rogan and Joe Rogaine

What Kind of Red Light Grows Hair? (Light Guide)

Red light therapy is a proven wellness therapy that affects energy production at the cellular level. With red, infrared and ...
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HairMax PowerFlex cap

Does HairMax Really Grow Hair?

HairMax has a good success rate on people with the right types of hair loss and the right skin types ...
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Omnilux face mask results

The Complete Guide to Buying a Wrinkle or Acne LED Face Mask

Light therapy face masks reduce wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea and psoriasis. How do you decide which mask is right for ...
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Best hair growth red light therapy

The Best Red Light for Hair Loss and Regrowth

HairMax pioneered light therapy to re-grow hair. They have seven published studies showing their LaserComb effectively grows hair. The best ...
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Best flexible pad facial therapy light device

Best Aging, Acne, and Redness Light Therapy Devices

I set out to find the best facial light therapy device I could, regardless of whether it was a "name ...
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