Best Amazon Pain Relief & Skin Care Red Light Therapy Gifts

These are the devices I recommend available on Amazon. The Photizo is a powerful device. It’s so powerful, I don’t know how they’re selling it for the price they’re asking. And we don’t need to take their word for irradiance or other measurements. We know it’s powerful by the suggested treatment time. Anything that offers a treatment time under 60 seconds is powerful.

The Hooga tabletop and panel are red and infrared devices for pain relief and wrinkle reduction. These wavelengths are good for almost any red light therapy job, but they’re only 2/3 of what you want for acne treatment. For that you want the powerful combination of blue, red and infrared you’ll find in the Hydraskincare Photon and Hydraskincare PDT.

The PHoton and PDT are designed for wrinkle and acne reduction and will also work for eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. The Photons is a home model, and the PDT is spa-level quality.


Caroline Bogart

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