Table of Contents
  1. Affiliate Partner Policies
  2. Website Policies
  3. Security Policies
    1. Encryption
    2. Password Policy
    3. Credit Card Data
  4. Foreign Transaction Fees
  5. Cancellation Policies
  6. Shipping Policies
    1. Vielight Product Shipping Policies
      1. Shipping Rates
      2. Postal Delays
      3. Delivery Times
  7. Support Policies
  8. Warranty Policies
    1. Vielight Product Warranty Policies
  9. Return Policies
    1. How to Return a Vielight Product
  10. Exchange Policies
    1. Vielight Exchange Policies
  11. Refund Policies
    1. How to Get a Vielight Refund
  12. Data Retention Policies
    1. Phone Conversations
    2. Email Conversations
    3. Banking and Credit Card Information
    4. Marketing Announcements
    5. Backup Retention

Affiliate Partner Policies

If you click to another website to buy a product, your rights and responsibilities come from your transaction with that website. Refer to the website where you purchased your product for security, foreign transaction fee,  cancellation, shipping, warranty, return, exchange, refund, and data retention policies, as well as any policies they have in place that are not listed here.

Website Policies

These policies apply to browsing and buying on BestRedLightTherapy.com.

Security Policies


Best Red Light Therapy uses encryption to encode the traffic between your computer and our website, and between our website to our payment processor. This security is in place while you browse our site, and when you buy products from our site.

Password Policy

Our software enforces a strong password policy. When you create an account on our site, your password must conform to the standards or it is rejected. Your password must be at least 12 characters, contain an uppercase letter, contain a lowercase letter, contain a number, and contain a special character.

Credit Card Data

Best Red Light Therapy accepts payments through Authorize.net, Stripe, and Paypal. We do not store your data on our web server. Our payment processor:

·         contacts your credit card company for payment

·         stores your data and transaction information

·         sends our website a unique code to indicate that your payment did or did not go through

Foreign Transaction Fees

Best Red Light Therapy is based in the United States. Neither Best Red Light Therapy nor its payment processor charge any fees to customers above the total amount of your purchase, but please be aware that some credit card issuers may add foreign exchange or international transaction fees to the amount they charge your account. If you are charging your product from outside the United States, this charge might apply to your transaction.

Cancellation Policies

You may attempt cancel an order by contacting us on our contact form here. Best Red Light Therapy cannot guarantee we will be able to cancel the order before it is processed and mailed.

When you make an order, we reach out to our supplier for fulfillment. If we are able to retract your order, we will provide you with an immediate cancellation and full refund. If we cannot retract your order, we cannot cancel it for you. If we cannot retract your order, you may ask for a return after receiving the item; returns are subject to Return Policies including re-stocking fees if any.

Shipping Policies

Best Red Light Therapy asks our manufacturing partners to ship your products directly from the factory or warehouse to you. Our shipping policies are based on our partner brands’ policies.

Vielight Product Shipping Policies

Shipping Rates

Best Red Light Therapy provides free shipping for U.S. customer purchasing Vielight products. Best Red Light Therapy charges a flat $45 to ship Vielight products to other countries. Your product will be shipped from a Vielight warehouse:

·         Hayward, California, USA (America)

·         Toronto, Ontario, Canada (International and Canada)

·         Perth City, Perth, Australia (Asia, Australia and New Zealand)

Postal Delays

There are serious delays in both postal and courier deliveries worldwide due to the Covid pandemic. Please be assured that once you receive a tracking number from the shipping company, your package is in their system and it will be delivered.

Delivery Times

Estimated delivery time is 2 to 5 business days (North America and Australia) and 4 to 7 business days (everywhere else).

Support Policies

We’re happy to help you enjoy your therapy products. Use our contact form to get support.

Warranty Policies

Best Red Light Therapy ensures that you get warranty service from our manufacturing partners. Our warranty policies are based on our partner brands’ policies.

Vielight Product Warranty Policies

Vielight products come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

To initiate a warranty request, contact Best Red Light Therapy with your order number and warranty request using our contact form here. You will be given instructions on how to get warranty service directly from Vielight.

Return Policies

Depending on our manufacturer partner’s policies, we will handle the entire return process, or hand off part of it to our manufacturing partner. Our return policies are based on our partner brands’ policies.

How to Return a Vielight Product

You get to try the Vielight device for six months at a trial price. You pay just 20% of the normal fee to use the light for 180 days. Most people get significant results within 12 weeks. If you decide the Vielight is not for you, return the device and receive 80% of your purchase price back to your credit card.

The Vielight controllers and transcranial devices are eligible for the 6 months, no-questions asked 80% refund. The intranasal applicators and accessories are not returnable.

To return a Vielight product, contact Best Red Light Therapy with your order number and return request using our contact form here. You will be given instructions on how to return your Vielight and obtain an 80% refund.


Exchange Policies

Best Red Light Therapy ensures that you get exchange service from our manufacturing partners. Our exchange policies are based on our partner brands’ policies.

Vielight Exchange Policies

Vielight does not accept exchanges for its products.

Refund Policies

Best Red Light Therapy ensures that you get a refund for eligible returns. Our refund policies are based on our partner brands’ policies.

How to Get a Vielight Refund

Please refer to the “How to Return a Vielight Product” section on this page.

Data Retention Policies

By browsing our website you agree to allow us to collect data that assists our software in showing you website pages, processing your order, viewing and updating your account, and analyzing our traffic in aggregate.

Best Red Light Therapy retains data regarding:

·         Customer name

·         Customer address

·         Customer email

·         Customer phone

·         Order date

·         Order items

You may request we remove this data by using our contact form here. IF WE REMOVE YOUR DATA AT YOUR REQUEST BEFORE A WARRANTY PERIOD HAS EXPIRED, YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THAT WARRANTY. We cannot service warranties for customers who are not in our system.

Phone Conversations

We do not record phone conversations with our customers.

Email Conversations

We retain email conversations indefinitely so that we can acknowledge and potentially act on issues discussed. If you request a data removal, we erase our email conversations with you.

Banking and Credit Card Information

We do not store banking or credit card information. Purchasing data is encrypted and sent to a payment processor such as Authorize.net, PayPal or Stripe. Our payment processor stores credit card data. We do not have any say over what they store in their databases. We retain information about your order. We erase that information upon a data deletion request.

Marketing Announcements

You may remove yourself from our newsletter list using self-service tools on the website.

Backup Retention

Your data is backed up to our backup server and to an external site secured by password access. It takes 15 days to remove your data from our backups. The older backups are automatically deleted each day. It takes 15 days to delete all backups, which contain your information.