27 Athletic Pain Relieving Facts About Jazz Band Live Therapy

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An athlete contacted me on Reddit yesterday. Would red light therapy reduce his pain, and improve his game?

I told him to check out the DNA Vibe “Jazz Band Live” red light therapy pad. It’s designed to wrap around the arms, legs, ankles and knees to speed healing and reduce pain. UFC and Women’s Tennis use the Jazz Band Live for athletic gains.

Red Light Therapy for Athletes

Red light therapy is the ideal sports therapy modality. Dr. Michael Hamblin recently said in an editorial that light is the ultimate athletic enhancement drug. It relieves pain and is undetectable!

Athletes are no strangers to pain, and sports-related injuries can often result in long-term discomfort and reduced athletic performance. I recommend they use he Jazz Band Live from DNA Vibe. The US Ski Team, the Women’s Tennis and the UFC Gym use this specific device for athletic pain relief and recovery.

jazz band live red light therapy behind female neck

You should get to know this device. So, here are 27 facts you need to know about the Jazz Band Live red light therapy device.

1.      What do I do with the pouch?

Keep the light inside the pouch, which protects it from wear and tear.

2.      What color pouches can I get?

The pouch (or sleeve) comes in blue, pink, and black.

3.      The micro vibration turns off and on again. Is this normal?

The micro-vibration mode pulses and then pauses, so that behavior is normal.

4.      Can I place either side against my skin?

Place the side with the red lights against the skin. The other side is not active.

5.      Can I wear the Jazz Band Live through clothing?

While some light does transfer through clothing, there is a good chance that it will not be enough to be therapeutic. Use the device directly on the skin. You can wear the Jazz Band Live under your clothes, and use your clothes, instead of the strap, to keep the pad in place.

6.      When should I use the short strap?

Use the short strap for your knees, elbows, ankles, and wrists.

7.      When should I use the long strap?

Use the long strap around the torso to treat your lower back, upper back, and shoulders.

8.      Can I bend the Jazz Band Live pad?

The Live is designed to be folded around joints, but there are limits to this feature. If you force the device to bend too much, it will break. Gently wrap the red light therapy pad around the area to treat.

9.      How do I apply the Jazz Band Live to the elbow?

  • Place the short strap on one end of the pad.
  • Place your elbow over the middle of the lights.
  • Grab the starter tab in the short strap between your thumb and index finger.
  • Wrap the device around the elbow using the strap.
  • Lift the opposite side of the pad under the elbow.
  • Tuck it under the starter tab so that the strap closes the pad in a loop around the elbow.

10. How does the Jazz Ban Live help heal?

Red light therapy actually the mitochondria in our cells. These make biological batteries the body uses to build and repair. That’s how the Jazz Band Live helps heal tissue.

11. What kind of light does the Jazz Band Live have?

The Jazz Band Live has red and infrared light. They are specific wavelengths that the body absorbs in the mitochondria. The infrared gives off some heat, which also helps with circulation

12. What does the Jazz Band Live vibration do?

The vibration is calculated to break the pain cycle. The vibration interrupts the signals that tell the brain you’re in pain.

13. Does the Jazz Band Live have to be plugged in?

You can use tithe Jazz Band Live plugged in, or get the battery pack to make it portable.

14. How do you control the Jazz Band Live?

Use the phone app that comes free with the pad.

15. For which issues can I use the Jazz Band Live?

Use the Jazz Band Live for:

  • pain relief
  • faster tissue healing
  • inflammation reduction
  • post exercise soreness
  • faster exercise recovery
  • plantar fasciitis
  • shoulder pain
  • arthritis pain
  • neck pain
  • ankle pain
  • knee pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • elbow pain
  • back pain
  • hip pain

16. How much does the Jazz Band Live cost?

The DNA Vibe’s Jazz Band Live sells for $358.95, but it’s on sale, and with the coupon REGENERLIGHT15, you can get the Jazz Band Live WITH the portable battery pack for just $279.61. Use this link to the special sale pageOpens in a new tab..

17. What is the Jazz Band Live?

The Jazz Band Live is a wearable light therapy device that reduces pain at the cellular level. Jazz Band Live uses four therapies to combat pain.

18. Does the Jazz Band Live come with a power cord?

Jazz Band Live comes with a 10 foot long power  cord.

19. Does the Jazz Band Live come with a battery?

Get a deep discount on the battery bundle at this link and use coupon Regenerlight15Opens in a new tab.

20. Can I wash the Jazz Band Live?

The pouch (sleeve) is washable.

21. Can I bend the Jazz Band Live?

Jazz Band Live is flexible, to a point. Do not bend the device past resistance. It is designed to easily wrap around elbows and ankles.

22. Where is Jazz Band Live made?

Jazz Band Live is made in the USA.

23. What does red light therapy do?

Red and infrared light therapy are scientifically shown tto reduce inflammation. Red and infrared light at he wavelengths used in the Jazz Band Live:

  1. increases nitric oxide in the arteries, increasing blodo flow
  2. energizes the elecron ransport chain in the mitochondria o make more ATP
  3. causes an increase in metabolism
  4. speeds healing
  5. reduces pain

24. What magnetic fields does the Jazz Band Live produce?

Jazz Band Live outputs magnetic fields that simulate the Schumann resonance.

25. Why does Jazz Band Live had micro vibrations?

Jazz Band Live uses micro vibrations tto stimulate blood flow and healing.

26. How popular is Jazz Band Live?

97% of Jazz Band Live users report improvement.

27. What is the Schumann Resonance?

The Schumann Resonance is the earth’s natural frequency. Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann discovered it in 1952. The range of possible Schumann frequencies correlates with human brainwaves. The main Schumann Resonance frequency is 7.83 Hz. When the brain is firing at 7.83 Hz, it is at the top of the theta and he botom of the alpha ranges. 7.83 Hz corresponds to a dreamy, calm, and creative state of mind.  When the brain is firing at the Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz., it is just on the cusp between theta and alpha brainwave ranges.

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