CelLED iLED Pad Review

In this CelLED iLED Pad review, you will learn if you should use this device for dementia, brain injury, wrinkle, acne or pain relief therapy.

Hint – it’s all but the acne, and even that will improve with this device.

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To buy the CelLED iLED from an Australian location, use this link (opens in new window)

To buy the CelLED iLED from an American location, use this link (opens in new window)

iLED Pad Pulsation Frequencies

Man smiling at camera wearing red light therapy pad on his headTo round out the massively flexible iLED benefits, this pad has five pulsation settings, including the two most studied in brain research.

The 10 Hz pulsation corresponds with the alpha brainwaves and is the recommended setting for brain injury therapy.

The 40 Hz pulsation corresponds to the gamma brainwaves, and is very well supported for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and dementia therapy in general.

The remaining three pulsations are in the “Nogier” range, for which the scientific evidence is less available, but clinical anecdotes are compelling.

The 292 Hz pulsation potentiates skin and nerve therapy. The 584 Hz pulse empowers the blood, lymphatic and organ red light therapy.

The 1168 Hz pulsation helps the bone, joint and muscle effects of red light therapy.

Where to Put the iLED

Use the iLED as a flat or a bent device. When you tug to bend the pad around your head or leg, it stays where you put it.

CelLED patented the pad’s flexibility features.

Use the iLED on any body part, including the foot, calf, quad, hamstring, pelvic area, tummy, chest, back, neck, face or head.

This device has the wavelengths and pulsation for every type of red light therapy.

The wavelengths, pulsation, and the ability to stay in place once bent mean that the iLED works as a pad, a helmet and a facial wrap.

Use it for sore muscles, exercise recovery, Alzheimer’s, brain injury, wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

It does everything except it is missing the blue light for acne (the red and infrared still help, though).

CelLED iLED pad wrapped into a helmet
CelLED iLED pad wrapped into a helmet

iLED Wavelengths

The iLED outputs 660 nm red and 850 nm infrared light.

These are in the range used in successful studies to reduce pain and inflammation; to trigger better blood flow and to energize the mitochondria that power every biological repair.

The 660 nm is good for hair growth in those people who can use red light to grow hair.

The red and infrared are the perfect combination for increased collagen and elastin, making the iLED a facial beauty device as well.

Man's head on red light therapy pad
The CelLED irradiance is 60 mW/cm^2. It takes less than 2 minutes to get a 5J dose.

iLED Pulsation and Wavelengths for Brain Therapy

This device is important for its ability to transform into a brain helmet.

The 10 Hz pulsation is perfect for brain injury therapy. The 40 Hz is shown in several studies to improve dementia symptoms.

Results in brain injury and Alzheimer’s studies have shown these specifications found in this helmet to be useful for better memory, less depression and anxiety, and more desire to be social.

If you want a red light therapy device for brain, skin and arthritis, this is the pad to get.

Red light therapy pad wrapped around man's neck and chin up to his noseWho Should Use the CelLED iLED (Primary Goals)

The CelLED iLED is has the shape, wavelengths and pulsation specifications to cover every single therapeutic base.

If you want a red light therapy device for brain, skin and arthritis, this is the pad to get.

Medical clinics use this exact pad for work on thousands of patients. This is a no-limitations gift for pain relief, dementia therapy, concussion rehab and beauty.

There is one exception to my praise for this device’s specifications.

Leather back to red light therapy pad and power cord with timer and stack of meditation rocksAcne therapy is best when blue accompanies the red and infrared light.

This is a good acne light, but without the blue, it’s not perfect.

Use the iLED if you’re looking for these primary goals:

CelLED iLED is Ideal for: Because:
quicker exercise recovery it reduces inflammation
pain relief the red and infrared wavelengths reduce inflammation and has an aspirin-like effect on pain
arthritis relief Multiple studies on osteoarthritis of the knee show that red and infrared light reduce knee pain, as well as other types of osteoarthritis discomfort.
reduced chronic inflammation Red and infrared light reduce the chronic inflammation feedback loop that forgets to turn itself off.
tendinitis relief Wrap the iLED around your arm to reduce carpal tunnel and tendinitis pain. There is evidence that these wavelengths repair damaged tissue.
cellulite Use the wrap around the butt and thighs for cellulite treatment.
wrinkle reduction Wrap the pad around the face for wrinkle repair from collagen and elastin production.
hair growth The red light in the iLED triggers hair growth in some types of alopecia (baldness).

Who Should Use the CelLED iLED (Secondary Goals)

A secondary goal is one for which the wavelength is correct but the device might not be ideal. If you can get the device around the face, for example, the iLED is perfect for collagen production.

iLED’s wavelengths also support these goals: However the idea device type for this therapy is:
acne reduction add blue light for an ideal acne therapy device
Red light therapy pad with red lights and power cord on gray background

Protection from Unwanted Artifacts and Brightness

iLED has no EMFs

The iLED pad has no EMFs. Do not put an electric transformer brick on your lap to avoid unwanted electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

You can wear goggles if you find this light to be too bright. If you squint, then wear goggles. The wavelengths are not an issue but the brightness can be.

Red Light Therapy Wrap Comparisons

The highest quality competitor to the CelLED iLED wrap is the Nushape Neurowrap Pulse.

The iLED outputs 660 nm red and 850 nm infrared.

The red wavelength is good for wrinkle and scar reduction.

The Neurowrap Pulse does not have a red wavelength, but its infrared wavelength is spot on the mark for brain therapy.

Researchers have found that the best brain wavelengths are 808-810 nm and 1064-1070 nm, so Nushape is an ideal brain device and only an infrared beauty device.

Neither has the blue light ideal for acne therapy.

The iLED has more uses because it has the red as well as the infrared light.

The iLED and the Neurowrap Pulse have the 10 Hz and 40 Hz pulsation desirable in brain injury and dementia therapy devices, respectively.

The iLED has three other pulsation frequencies that have good clinical if not scientific backing for nerve, organ and skin health.

The Nushape has a larger treatment area with more bulbs, a difference that will matter if you’re using it for inflammation and pain relief on large areas such as the back.

Nushape Neurowrap Pulse
Nushape Neurowrap Pulse

It’s a minor upgrade as the iLED is a good pain relief device and covers most any body part you hand it, depending on the size of the person, of course.

The Nushape Neurowrap Pulse has an optional battery to power its lights, a feature I personally find important.

I like the portability of battery devices.

Then again, if you’re doing 20 minutes of therapy while watching TV or reading, the portability really isn’t a deciding factor.

The iLED has no restocking fee when buying from LightpathLED.com, and a 20% restocking fee when buying from Lifespan Dynamics. Both vendors have a 60-day return window.

The Nushape has no restocking fee but only a 14-day return window.

CelLED iLED Nushape Neurowrap Pulse
Wavelengths 660 nm, 850 nm 810 nm
Pulsation 10 Hz, 40 Hz, 292 Hz, 584 Hz, 1168 Hz 10 Hz, 40 Hz
Bulbs 190 140
Dimensions 42 x 13 cm (16.5 x 5.1 in) belt with a 31 x 9 cm (12.2 x 3.5 in.) light array 25 x 5 inches belt and array
Power Power cord Power cord or optional battery
Warranty 18 months 12 months
Returns 60 days 14 days
Restocking fee 20% none

Pros and Cons of the CelLED iLED

The CelLED iLED is a hefty device routinely used in clinical settings.

It will last a long time.

The patented curving technology is a nice change from Velcro wraps for me, only because my Velcro has dog hair on it the second it leaves the box.

The iLED wraps to the target without need for extra ties.

The versatility is amazing, with its ability to turn into a brain therapy device.

It’s an excellent gift for someone who needs red light therapy.

iLED has no EMFs
iLED has no EMFs

This is the device that does practically everything you want in red light therapy, from arthritis, to tendinitis, to dementia and brain injury relief.

It does not have the blue light you’d want for acne therapy, but it does hit all the checkmarks for doing brain, pain and skin work.

I would like to see a battery-powered version to add to the portability.

The iLED’s wavelengths energize the mitochondria that powers tissue repair, and opens the blood vessels for greater blood flow.

The wavelengths are not spot on the center of the maximum absorption one theoretically wants, but the device works, so maximum absorption becomes an academic rather than a practical complaint.

The pulsation and wavelengths combined with the device’s ability to wrap around the target make it a contender for the best red light therapy device you can buy.

CelLED Returns and Warranties

You have 60 days to return the CelLED to LightpathLED or to Lifespan Dynamics. Lifespan has a 20% restocking fee. The iLED has a 1-year warranty.


The CelLED brand is a branch of Lifespan Dynamics out of Australia.

Owner Michael Liner is a full time clinician who uses his own products in daily practice.

He’s well aware of the red light therapy science, and so was able to build the exact right specifications into the iLED pad.

Unless you want to use it for acne therapy, the iLED is useful for every type of red light therapy goal.

CelLED iLED pad wrapped into a helmet

Buy by Location

To buy the CelLED iLEDOpens in a new tab. from an AustralianOpens in a new tab. location, use this linkOpens in a new tab. (opens in new window)

To buy the CelLED iLEDOpens in a new tab. from an AmericanOpens in a new tab. location, use this linkOpens in a new tab. (opens in new window)

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