DNA Vibe Jazz Band Live vs. Mito Therapy Belt: Which is Better?

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I was recently asked whether one should purchase the Jazz Band Live from DNA Vibe or the Advanced Therapy Belt from Mito Red Light. I have good opinions about both, so it’s not a question of my endorsement.

If you look at the differences between the devices, it’s going to come down to personal preference. I highlighted the major differences in the table below.

Buy the Jazz Band Live bundled WITH THE BATTERY. USE COUPON REGENERLIGHT15 for 15% off.
https://bestredlighttherapy.com/jazz-band-live-powerpack-bundleOpens in a new tab. (opens in new window)

Buy the Mito Red Light Advanced therapy belt. USE COUPON RED for 5% off.
https://bestredlighttherapy.com/mito-beltOpens in a new tab. (opens in new window)

The Jazz Band Live does not include a battery. You can buy the battery as an extra, or you can use this coupon and link to get one included for free. The Jazz Band Live with battery, and the Mito Red Therapy Belt (with battery) are about $34 apart when both have batteries AND you use the links and coupons below.

The wavelengths are virtually the same.

The Jazz Band Live adds Schumann resonance magnetic fields, as well as micro vibrations. Both have the effects of opening blood vessels and reducing pain.

The Jazz Band Live treatment time is 30 min, and the Mito is 20.

The biggest difference in my opinion is the conformity to the body part. The Mito belt is a long pad that rolls into a cylinder. The DNA device actually wraps to the body part. Once they’re on a battery, they’re both portable and easy to use. Both have good reputations, and forgiving return policies to reduce risk.

Enjoy reducing your pain!

Jazz Band LiveOpens in a new tab. Mito Red Therapy BeltOpens in a new tab.
MSRP $279 ($334 w battery) $329
Price after coupon $279.61 (incl. battery) $312.55 (+$33 more than Jazz)
Coupon Code Regenerlight15Opens in a new tab. REDOpens in a new tab.
Reduces pain, inflammation, stiffness y y
Red light 675 nm 660 nm
infrared light 850 nm 850 nm
very low frequency magnetic fields therapy 13.5 kvpm 13.5 kvpm (225 Hz) n
very low vibration therapy Sharp-edged square pulse at 8-10 Hz and 50-55 micro-Tesla (Schumann resonance) n
designed to fit all body parts (back, neck, knees, elbows, ankles, hands, feet) y n
outlet power standard y y
battery power $54.95 y
battery capacity 15,000 mAh
LEDs 405 diodes x 3 = 1,215
individual wavelengths n y
intensity levels n 5
dimensions 48 x7 in.
treatment area 21 x 5 in.
warranty 1 year 1 year
timers 30 min. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 min
recommend time session 30 min 2x day 10 min.


The Therapy Wrap
Phototherapy in this spectrum promotes muscle relaxation. It also stimulates collagen production, and reduces swelling and inflammation bringing relief to athletes, sufferers of arthritis, and those with chronic pain.
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