LightpathLED Blue Review: Should You Buy this for Your Acne? (part 1 Tabletop)

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Use the LightpathLED Blue Tabletop for Skin

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Wrinkles

Acts as Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and Wrinkle Reducing Device

The LightpathLED Blue Tabletop has exactly the right wavelengths for acne reduction. That’s the main reason I recommend this light therapy device. But it’s also an excellent machine for reducing dermatitis such as eczema and psoriasis. The red and blue wavelengths without blue are perfect as a wrinkle reducing therapy. Finally, it has exactly the right specs for pain relief, including inflammation and arthritis reduction.

This device has the blue, red and infrared wavelengths suitable for these therapies:

  1. acne
  2. eczema
  3. psoriasis
  4. wrinkles
  5. scars
  6. wounds
  7. pain relief
  8. arthritis
  9. inflammation
  10. exercise recovery
  11. tendinitis
  12. cellulite
  13. testosterone

Products Mentioned in this Article

  • View the LightpathLED Blue Tabletop at (use code REDOpens in a new tab. for 5% off)
  • View my guide/review to the LightpathLED Blue MiniOpens in a new tab.

LightpathLED Blue Tabletop Light Therapy

Device Type Tabletop
How to Carry Device Stand and door/wall mount
dimensions 13 x 10 x 3 in.
Modular no
Power Power cord
Wavelengths 430 nm, 660 nm, 810 nm
Isolated Wavelengths blue
red and infrared
red, infrared, and blue
Pulsation none
Bulbs 78
Flicker none
EMF at 0 inches unknown
EMF at 6 inches none
Weight 9 lb.
Warranty 3 years
Returns 60 days
Restocking fee $0
session time 10-15 minutes
LightpathLED Blue Tabletop for difficult skin issues. Click to view the Tabletop at Use code RED for 5% off.

The LightpathLED Blue Tabletop is a 78-bulb red light therapy device for home use.

The Blue Tabletop is 10 x 13 inches, runs on a power cord, and has a rare blue light for acne therapy.

Where to Put the Blue Tabletop

The Blue Tabletop has a stand, and comes with a door mount.

Acne on the chin, before and after therapy
Use blue, then red/infrared for acne therapy. This is the same as the eczema/psoriasis protocol.

Blue Tabletop Wavelengths

Use the Blue for acne therapy.

The Blue Tabletop has blue, red and infrared wavelengths.

This is exactly what you want for acne therapy.

Blue kills the P acnes bacteria.

Red and infrared reduce redness and pustule size.

This tabletop is also ideal for psoriasis, eczema and wound therapy.

rosacea before and after
This device has the perfect wavelengths for rosacea therapy

Who Should Use the LightpathLED Blue Tabletop (Primary Goals)

Scott Kennedy of LightpathLED designed the Blue Tabletop for skin therapy, especially for acne, but also for rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

There is less science on the latter three, but the acne is well documented as responding to the wavelengths in the Blue Tabletop.

Rectangular metal box with 78 blue lights
The “Blue” includes blue, red and infrared settings for a complete skin health solution. Click the image to see the Blue at (Use code RED for 5% off)

The red and infrared have the same anti-inflammation and pain relief activity.

Red and infrared open blood vessels and power the biological energy factories that empower healing.

Use the Blue Tabletop for these primary goals:

LightpathLED Blue Tabletop is ideal for: Because its wavelengths:
acne reduction The Blue Tabletop is a skin therapy device especially designed to use on acne.

Blue light is like a safe version of ultraviolet, it has the penetrating quality without the ability to burn.

Blue light kills the P acnes bacteria.

Red and infrared reduce inflammation and sebaceous gland swelling.

quicker exercise recovery reduces inflammation
pain relief red and infrared are analgesic (like aspirin) and reduce inflammation
arthritis relief Multiple studies show that red and infrared light reduce osteoarthritis discomfort
reduced inflammation Multiple studies show that red and infrared light reduce inflammation, especially chronic inflammation that is no longer helpful to the healing process.
tendinitis relief Use the Blue Tabletop on the arm as tendinitis and carpal tunnel therapy.
cellulite and wrinkle reduction The red and infrared wavelengths in the Blue Tabletop trigger collagen to reduce wrinkles, and elastin to tighten and firm skin.
testosterone stimulation Based on anecdotal evidence, the red and infrared in the Blue Tabletop will trigger testosterone production.

Use coupon “RED” for 5% off

View/Buy the Blue Tabletop at LightpathLEDOpens in a new tab.


Who Should Use the LightpathLED Blue Tabletop (Secondary Goals)

You could use this tabletop for hair growth, but it’s not as well-designed for the head as a hat or helmet is.

The Blue Tabletop gives you three major wavelengths for just about any red light therapy goal.

Secondary goals are those for which the wavelengths are correct, but the type of device might not be ideal.

Use the Blue Tabletop for these secondary goals:

Blue Tabletop’s Wavelengths also support these goals However the idea device type for this therapy is:
belly fat reduction a neoprene pad
hair growth a helmet or hat

Protection from Unwanted Artifacts and Brightness

The Blue Tabletop has no flicker.

Use the Tabletop at a distance of 6 inches to get no unwanted electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure.

You do not need goggles for these wavelengths, but if you find the Blue Tabletop to be very bright (you find yourself squinting) then protect your eyes with goggles.

Rectangular metal box with 76 lightsRed Light Therapy Tabletop Comparisons

Silver box with six red lights and 10 other bulbs
LightpathLED Blue Mini

The best competition for the Blue Tabletop is LightpathLED’s Blue Mini (click for my comprehensive guide to the Blue Mini).

They have the same blue, red and infrared wavelengths.

The Tabletop has 78 bulbs and a power cord.

The Mini has 16 bulbs and runs on portable battery.

Get the Blue Mini for portability, and get the Blue Tabletop for treating larger areas per session.

Pros and Cons of the LightpathLED Blue Tabletop

It’s not easy to find a good acne red light therapy device, so this high-quality therapy device is a gem.

LightpathLED owner Scott Kennedy knows the science.

He chose the correct wavelengths for skin issues.

Many manufacturers appear to pick specifications at random, or maybe based on the cheapest LED bulb prices.

Scott designed the Blue Tabletop with the correct wavelengths for acne reduction.

When you buy a LightpathLED, you get consultation time with Scott Kennedy. He will not let you fail.

You can use the Tabletop for eczema, psoriasis, scar reduction, wound healing, pain relief and inflammation therapy.

Rectangular metal device with 78 red and blue bulbsConclusion

The Blue Tabletop is the big brother to the Blue Mini.

The Tabletop has 78 bulbs.

The Mini has 16 bulbs.

Finding a device with the correct acne wavelengths is not easy, making the Blue Tabletop a gem of a find.

Caroline Bogart

Caroline Bogart is a red light therapy (photobiomodulation) and author. She runs the,, and websites. Caroline is the auhor of the forthcoming book "Brain Light: Alzheimer's Edition," about using photobiomodulation to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. More about Caroline Bogart.

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