LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop Review

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In this LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop review, you’ll learn who will benefit from using this device, how its competitors stack up, and how the Pulse is a future-proofed red light therapy machine.¬†Only two additions would make the Pulse Tabletop the perfect red light therapy machine.

This is the LightpathLED Pulse that has five wavelengths and 10,000 pulsation options. Use it for wrinkle reduction, pain relief, and regeneration. 

If it also ran a blue light and were 6 feet tall, it’d be perfect. As it stands, it’s a darn nice red light therapy machine.

That makes the Pulse Tabletop just shy of being the perfect red light therapy machine. To be fair, I don’t know of anyone selling what I’m defining here as the “ideal” light.

Use the LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop

Front of Rectangular metal device with time control in black at top and lots of lights in an array
The LightpathLED Pulse irradiance is 100 mW/cm^2 at 6 inches. You get 6J in 1 minute of treatment if you are 6 inches from the device.

In this LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop review, learn why yet another LightpathLED product rises to the top of my “buy” list. This device has the red and infrared wavelengths suitable for these therapies:

  1. wrinkles
  2. scars
  3. wounds
  4. pain relief
  5. arthritis
  6. inflammation
  7. exercise recovery
  8. tendinitis
  9. cellulite
  10. testosterone

Products Mentioned in this Article

  • LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop (view at, use code REDOpens in a new tab. for 5% off)
  • Mito Red Light MitoPRO 300 (view my reviewOpens in a new tab. here, and Mito Red Light’s product page here, use code REDOpens in a new tab. for 5% off)
The sun offers ultraviolet, red and infrared light. The LightpathLED Pulse offers 10,000 pulsation options, red and infrared light. The Pulse is all pulse, no UV.

Who Should Use the LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop (Primary Goals)

The Pulse Tabletop has more range of healing possibility than any other tabletop I recommend.

The Pulse Tabletop is for wrinkle reduction, pain relief, and inflammation reduction. With 5 bioactive wavelengths and 10,000 pulsation frequencies, the Pulse Tabletop is for the cutting-edge biohacker and those who seek the best possible answer to their goals.

The Pulse’s wavelengths spread across the absorbable spectrum, increasing your likelihood of reducing pain, easing inflammation, and reducing wrinkles.

Red light box with kickstand, its lights are onThe insane 10,000 pulsing options are a biohacker’s dream. The pulsation presets mean you don’t have to know anything about pulsation to get extreme benefits, but you can biohack a new pulse every day. The 10 Hz and 40 Hz pulsation improve brain functioning. The Nogier frequencies accelerate skin and muscle healing.

The Pulse gets more biological energy factories (mitochondria) back into production. This empowers the cells to repair damage and rebuild tissue. It gives energy to skin, muscles, and the brain.

This is bas-relief.
This is pain relief.

As the energy multiplies, so does the blood vessel dilation. More blood flows as the Pulse detaches nitric oxide from the mitochondria to widen the arteries. The blood now brings nutrition and oxygen to damaged tissue for more repair and rebuilding.

Use the LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop for these primary goals:

LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop is Ideal for: Because its wavelengths:
quicker exercise recovery reduces inflammation
pain relief these wavelengths have an analgesic effect, and reducing inflammation should reduce pain
arthritis relief Multiple studies on osteoarthritis of the knee show that these wavelengths reduce knee pain. That would apply to any type of osteoarthritis.
reduced inflammation Chronic inflammation happens when the body does not know to shut off the immune response. Red light therapy appears to signal to the body that an overactive immunity is undesired, and inflammation calms down.
tendinitis relief The wrap’s wavelengths were shown in studies to reduce the discomfort of tendinitis. Researchers theorize that the inflammation reduction is part of it, but there is also evidence of tissue repair from the red light therapy.
cellulite and wrinkle reduction The red wavelength is a popular one in the studies for reducing the skin issues common with aging, including cellulite and wrinkles. Red stimulates collagen and elastic, which plump up and tighten the skin.
testosterone stimulation There’s not as much science on testosterone increases using red light therapy as there is for other goals. What there is, however points to the wavelengths in this device’s range as bioactive for testosterone stimulation.

Who Should Use the LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop (Secondary Goals)

Front of Rectangular metal device with time control in black at top and lots of lights in an arraySecondary goals are those for which the wavelengths are appropriate, but the device might not be ideal. For example, a hat with red light is ideal for hair growth. The hat fits the lights to the head, leaving no room to lose photon energy.

A hat is portable, and wavelengths in the red range are good for hair growth. A tabletop might have the same wavelengths as a hair growth hat, but does not fit on the head. Therefore, “hair growth” is a secondary goal for a tabletop. As long as you have the tabletop, it might work for this goal.

LightpathLED’s Wavelengths also support these goals However the idea device type for this therapy is:
Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, Mild Cognitive Impairment symptom reduction a headset, a helmet or an intranasal light
belly fat reduction a neoprene pad
acne reduction a red light therapy device with red, infrared and blue wavelengths
hair growth a helmet or hat

Where to Put the Pulse Tabletop

Put the Pulse Tabletop on any flat surface 6 inches from the target on your body. In reviews of other tabletops, I have suggested putting the device right on your body.

In this LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop review, I’m not saying that, because this machine is iron clad and therefore very heavy. I have put the Pulse Tabletop against my hip and leg, but I don’t put the device on my body.

Pulse Tabletop Wavelengths

The Pulse gives you 620 nm and 660 nm red wavelengths, which relieve skin issues such as wrinkles and redness. If you add blue light, the Pulse becomes an ideal acne therapy light.

The Pulse’s 810 nm, 850 nm and 930 nm infrared wavelengths spread across the absorbable range to ensure more photons trigger energy and healing. The infrared light reduces inflammation, quiets arthritis pain, and helps with wrinkles and redness.

A wavelength is the distance between the wave peaks.

Pulse Tabletop Pulsation

Rectangular metal device back with fansThe Pulse gives you 10,000 pulsation options. The presets automatically choose studied frequencies for easy healing.

The presets for brain therapy include 10 Hz and 40 Hz pulsation.

10 Hz entrains the brain’s neurons to fire at a rate of 10 times per second. The red and infrared light pulsed at 10 Hz clears brain fog. People with brain injury responded with less depression and anxiety in the published studies and case reports.

Less of this
More of this

40 Hz entrains the brain to fire 40 times per second. People with dementia often lack natural neuron firing at this rate. Raising the 40 Hz brainwaves correlates with better mood, a desire to socialize, and less crankiness.

The dementia studies and case reports using red and infrared at 40 Hz reduced dementia severity by orders of magnitude. “Severe” dropped to “medium” dementia, based on the mini mental status exam (MMSE) and the Alzheimer’s Cognitive Assessment (ADAS-Cog) standardized tests.

LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop Specifications

Device Type Tabletop
How to Carry Device Tabletop stand
dimensions 14 x 12 x 3
Modular N/A
Power Power cord
Wavelengths 620 nm, 660 nm, 810 nm, 850 nm, 930 nm
Isolated Wavelengths 620, 660 Red, or 810, 850, 930 Infrared, or all five
Bulbs 85
Flicker None
EMF at 0 inches unknown
EMF at 6 inches zero
Weight 10 lb.
Warranty 3 years
Returns 60 days
Restocking fee $0
session time 10-15 minutes

Protection from Unwanted Artifacts and Brightness

The LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop has no unwanted electromagnetic fields (EMFs) at 6 inches distance. The Pulse is very bright, so you will probably want to wear the goggles.

Pulse Tabletop Comparisons

The Tabletop is a smaller and less expensive version of the LightpathLED Pulse Large. That panel is the top of the line of the red light therapy panels I recommend. To compare the Pulse Tabletop to another tabletop device, we have to compare apples to oranges.

There are no other tabletops I recommend that have the pulsation options of the LightpathLED Pulse series.

You can compare the Pulse Tabletop to the MitoPRO 300 to see what I mean.

Wavelength Comparison

Rectangular metal device with several bulbs on back of a couch
LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop
  • LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop: 620 nm, 660 nm, 810 nm, 850 nm, 930 nm
  • Mito Red Light MitoPRO 300: 630 nm, 660 nm, 830 nm, 850 nm
Rectangular metal box with lights on table stand
Mito Red Light MitoPRO 300

Pulsation Comparison

LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop: 0-10,000 Hz with ten presets

Mito Red Light MitoPRO 300: none

Business Comparison

The LightpathLED and Mito Red Light policies are the same.

  • LightpathLED: 60 day returns, no restocking fee, 3 year warranty
  • Mito Red Light: 60 day returns, no restocking fee, 3 year warranty

Coupons and Discounts

  • Get 5% off your LightpathLED using code “RED”, go to for this discount
  • Get 5% off your Mito Red Light using code “RED”, go to for this discount

Pros and Cons of the LightpathLED Pulse Tabletop

The Pulse is an excellent pain relief device.

The Pulse Tabletop has more features that any therapy than any device I recommend. You’re just not going to get a better return policy, warranty, or wavelength and pulse options.

LightpathLED purchases come with free consultation with Scott Kennedy, light therapy expert and all-around great guy. He will not let you fail with your new light.

If you can think of a “con” for the pros and cons, please shoot me an email on the contact pageOpens in a new tab..

LightpathLED Returns and Warranties

LightpathLED has a 100% refund with no-questions-asked return policy, making it easy to try the Pulse Tabletop without risk.

You have 60 days to return the device for a full refund. Use the Tabletop light for 50 days and then decide whether it has helped you.

There is no restocking fee, and the Tabletop has a 3-year warranty.


If you really want the Pulse Large but feel you can’t swing the price, the next best option is the Pulse Tabletop. Get all the features in a smaller device for a lower price.

Get 5% off your LightpathLED using code “RED”, go to for this discount.

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