Mito Red Light Therapy Belt Review

How to Use the Mito Red Light Therapy Belt

This wearable works to reduce pain and wrinkles, and has a surprising feature set you need to learn about in this Mito Red Light Therapy Belt Review.

The Therapy Belt has the red and infrared wavelengths suitable for these therapies:

  1. wrinkles
  2. scars
  3. wounds
  4. pain relief
  5. arthritis
  6. inflammation
  7. exercise recovery
  8. tendinitis
  9. cellulite
  10. testosterone

Who Should Use the Mito Red Light Therapy Belt (Primary Goals)

This is a good device for pain relief and exercise recovery. It has the wavelengths for skin, muscle and tendon therapy.

The Therapy Belt is special for having the pulsation and huge light array for such a low cost. You can run the lights at three intensity levels, and there’s an optional 10 Hz pulsation feature. That is the pulsation used in brain injury red light therapy devices.

The Belt wraps around any body part, so this device is for anyone seeking pain, arthritis or inflammation relief. Use it on the back, tummy, chest, foot, thigh, hamstrings, ankle, calf, neck or head. Use for muscle soreness, tendinitis, arthritis and inflammatory discomfort.

I’m a huge fan of neoprene wraps. I have several of them, because they’re portable, and easy to put away. This is the type of light I recommend as a gift, because it’s easy to use, and doesn’t have the learning curve of a therapy panel.

The Belt has the right wavelengths to repairing the cellular energy factories (mitochondria) and dilates the blood vessels. It gives the body the energy and nutrition (through blood flow) that it needs to repair itself.

Round neoprene belt full of red lightUse the Therapy Belt if you’re looking for these primary goals:

Mito Red Light Therapy Belt is Ideal for: Because:
quicker exercise recovery it reduces inflammation
pain relief the red and infrared wavelengths reduce inflammation and has an aspirin-like effect on pain
arthritis relief Multiple studies on osteoarthritis of the knee show that red and infrared light reduces knee pain, as well as other types of osteoarthritis discomfort.
reduced chronic inflammation Red and infrared light reduces the chronic inflammation feedback loop that forgets to turn itself off.
tendinitis relief Wrap the Therapy Belt around your arm to reduce carpal tunnel and tendinitis pain. There is evidence that this wavelength actually heals tissue damaged in tendinitis.
cellulite Use the wrap around the butt and thighs for cellulite treatment.

Who Should Use the Mito Red Light Therapy Belt (Secondary Goals)

Black belt with timer and controllerA secondary goal is one for which the wavelength is correct but the device might not be ideal. If you can get the device around the face, for example, the Therapy Belt is perfect for collagen production.

Therapy Belt’s wavelengths also support these goals: However the idea device type for this therapy is:
concussion, brain injury, chronic traumatic encephalopathy The 660 nm and 810 nm wavelengths along with the 10 Hz pulsation make this a good brain injury device. This device might be able to get the light to the brain. If you have it for other reasons and have a brain injury, you could try using this device around the head. If successful, you should feel less anxiety, depression, confusion and mental fog.
wrinkle reduction This wavelength is perfect for wrinkle repair and skin tightening through triggering collagen and elastin. It’s a little awkward to turn a pad into a facial device, though.
hair growth a hat or helmet with only red wavelengths
acne reduction a handheld that also has infrared and blue wavelengths

Where to Put the Therapy Belt

The Mito Red Light Therapy Belt has one hundred square inches of therapeutic lights laid out in a 20 x 5 inch array. It fits any body part from the back to the chest and tummy. Use it on arthritic knees, sore backs, and if you’re comfortable doing this, put it on your face for wrinkle repair.

Timer controller for red light therapy deviceThe wrap has the same specifications as some brain therapy devices. For people with thinning or no hair, this light might be a good brain injury therapy. It has a 10 Hz pulsation that is used in traumatic brain injury (TBI) red light therapy.

Therapy Belt Wavelengths

The Belt delivers 660 nm red and 810 nm infrared directly to the skin. The red wavelength produces collagen and elastin, which plump up and tighten the skin, respectively. Both wavelengths reduce inflammation and arthritis pain. Many studies on tendinitis used these wavelengths with great success.

Therapy Belt Pulsation

The Therapy Belt outputs the light at 10 Hz, which means it pulses 10 times per second. This frequency corresponds to the alpha brainwaves. We can’t see the pulsation, but the brain responds to it by firing 10 times per second as well, giving it more alpha brainwaves. This feels like a state of calm alertness.

Circular belt with red lightMito Red Light Therapy Belt Specifications

Device Type Pad
How to Carry Device wearable
dimensions 20 x 5 inches
Modular N/A
Power rechargeable battery
Wavelengths 660 nm, 850 nm
Isolated Wavelengths none
Pulsation 10 Hz
Bulbs 405
Flicker none
EMF at 0 inches none
EMF at 6 inches none
Weight 1.3 lb.
Warranty 1 year
Returns 60 days
Restocking fee $0
session time 20 minutes (maximum)

Protection from Unwanted Artifacts and Brightness

The Therapy Belt has no unwanted electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Since you wear it against your skin, you do not need goggles to protect from the brightness. The wavelengths are probably healthy for your eyes, but brightness can be a problem.

Red Light Therapy Wrap Comparisons

The Mito Red Light Therapy Belt is similar to the NovaaLab Light Pad.

The NovaaLab has 660 nm and 850 nm wavelengths. It does not pulse. It carries 360 bulbs in a 15.7 x 9 inch array. It delivers a therapeutic dose in 20 minutes. NovaaLab has a 60-day return window with no restocking fee, and a 1-year warranty. The NovaaLab is currently on sale for $349.90. If you buy two pads, they are $299 each. The NovaaLab has tough construction, and is not as soft as the Mito. The NovaaLab comes with a power cord, or you can supply your USB battery.

The Mito has 660 nm and 850 nm wavelengths, and it pulses at 10 Hz. It packs 405 bulbs into a 20 x 5 inch treatment space. Treatment time is 20 minutes. Mito has a 60-day return window with no restocking fee, and a 1-year warranty. The Mito is normally $349, but as I write this, it is on sale for $299. The Mito has softer and thicker fabric than the NovaaLab. The Mito comes with a USB battery.

You can view and buy the Mito on the Mito Red LightOpens in a new tab. website here.

Woman donning red light pad
Mito Red Light Therapy Belt

You can view and buy the NovaaLab on the NovaaLabOpens in a new tab. website here.

Red light pad with neoprene belt
NovaaLab Light pad

Pros and Cons of the Mito Red Light Therapy Belt

The Belt’s treatment area is as large as any I’ve looked at (some are just as large but I haven’t seen any that are bigger. The Belt’s light array is jam packed with bulbs, so it saturates the treatment area with red and infrared light. The neoprene is solid, more so than the NovaaLab Light Pad, but less so than the Nushape Lipo Wrap. (View the Lipo Wrap on the NushapeOpens in a new tab. website. View the NovaaLab on the NovaaLabOpens in a new tab. website.)

The Belt’s 10 Hz pulsation probably gives it an edge over other light therapy pads. The science on pulsation is positive but not complete. We know that 10 Hz is good for brain injury therapy. There is also evidence that some pulsation can produce better skin results, including collagen production and wound healing time.

The Belt has a rechargeable USB battery, so you’re not tethered to a cord. The price is lower than the Lipo Wrap, and the same as the NovaaLab Light Pad.

The wavelengths are exactly what you want to energize the mitochondria and open the blood vessels.

Mito Red Light Returns and Warranties

Mito Red Light has a 100% refund with no-questions-asked return policy, and a 60-day return window. There is no restocking fee for returns. The Therapy Belt has a 1-year warranty.


The Mito Red Light Therapy Belt is a powerful therapeutic pad that’s good for skin and muscle therapy. It has the right specs to relieve inflammation and arthritis pain. You could conceivably use it for brain injury therapy, but that’s a secondary goal. I’m not sure if it’s engineered to get the light into the brain, as dedicated devices are designed to do. The Belt is a good gift for someone needing pain relief who does not want the learning curve of a red light therapy panel.

You can view and buy the Mito on the Mito Red LightOpens in a new tab. website. Use code “RED” at checkout for 5% off.

You can view and buy the NovaaLab on the NovaaLabOpens in a new tab. website.

View and buy the Nushape Lipo Wrap on the NushapeOpens in a new tab. website. Use code EMFCHANNEL Opens in a new checkout for 15% off.

Round neoprene belt full of red light

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