MitoADAPT: The Science-Backed Red Light Therapy Device

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MitoADAPT red light therapy - two units on one standMito Red Light recently added the MitoADAPT to its red light therapy models. This is an in-depth look at the MitoADAPT red light therapy model line.

The MitoADAPT wavelengths and device design make this model good for increased energy, anti-aging skin care, reduce pain and inflammation, better sleep and better athletic performance.

The MitoADAPT comes in three sizes that chain together for even larger solutions. The MitoADAPT has Bluetooth, a phone app, three brightness settings, isolated wavelengths, and eleven preset programs.

If you’re looking for a MitoADAPT review, I will be publishing that at a later date. This is a comprehensive guide to the new model.

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Red Light Therapy Benefits

Different red light therapy devices excel at different goals. The MitoADAPT is a tabletop, half body, and full body panel lineup. Its wavelengths and shape make it best at these specific goals below:

  • Improved skin health: Red light therapy has been shown to increase collagen production, which can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.
  • Reduced pain and inflammation: Numerous studies have shown that red light therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation by increasing blood flow and reducing oxidative stress.
  • Improved athletic performance: Red light therapy has been shown to improve athletic performance by increasing energy and reducing recovery time from injury or intense workouts.
  • Improved sleep: Red light therapy has been shown to help regulate the body’s circadian rhythm and improve sleep quality, including in athletes.

MitoADAPT red light therapyWhat is MitoADAPT?

The MitoADAPT is a line of three red light therapy models. The MitoADAPT Min, Mid, and Max have the same specs. They’re just different sizes. The Min is for targeted treatment. The Mid is a for half body treatment. The Max is for full body treatment.

What are the MitoADAPT Specifications?

Regardless of which model you get, the ADAPT will deliver the same light to your body. The difference between the models is how much of your body each device covers. Another way of saying this is that the time per treatment is the same whether you use the Min, the Mid, or the Max.

The ADAPT offers four wavelengths, which is a benefit over one and two wavelength machines. This is because our mitochondria change their “redox” state as they receive the light. When the redox state changes, so does the peak wavelength that the mitochondria absorb. Multiple wavelengths have more chance of absorbing.

The wavelengths are 630 nm, 660 nm, 810 nm, and 850 nm. These are suitable for brain work, collagen growth, and pain relief. You can also use this device for hair growth and exercise recovery.

MitoADAPT red light therapyValue for the Money

Advantages of the MitoADAPT over other brands include the Mito Red Light reputation, the eye protection feature, and the wavelength isolation. Disadvantages include the somewhat complex control panel.

Reputation: Mito Red Light is a good brand that stands behind its products. The customer service has an excellent reputation. The device’s multiple wavelengths give you a more comprehensive treatment. The MitoADAPT comes with a three-year warranty, and Mito has a 60-day return policy.

Red/Infrared Glasses: When comparing devices, the advantage of the MitoADAPT is in dealing with a company you trust that makes devices people really like. That would be the advantage Each unit comes with a power cable, door hook, steel hanging cables, pulley system, goggles, and red/infrared glasses.

Wavelength Isolation: You can choose individual wavelength therapy with the MitoADAPT, something I’ve never seen in a four-wavelength device. You can do all one wavelength, or two wavelengths, or three, or all four.

Control Panel Design: The control panel is slightly complex. It is not a single on/off function. You toggle the “Set” button until you see the program you like. If you’ve ever overset a digital clock and had to go all the way back around to get the time you want, you know the disadvantage of this type of control panel function. It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s not a desired feature, either.

MitoADAPT red light therapyTherapies to Do with the MitoADAPT

The MitoADAPT is at its best for:

  • anti-aging collagen and elastin growth
  • pain relief
  • faster wound healing
  • preventing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • energizing the body
  • better sleep
  • better athletic performance

Secondary uses for the MitoADAPT include:

  • hair growth (a hat and helmet are better, though)
  • traumatic brain injury and dementia (a transcranial device and helmet are better)
  • acne therapy (red and infrared are great for acne, but red, infrared and blue are better)

MitoADAPT control panelWho Will Like the MitoADAPT

The MitoADAPT includes a Bluetooth connection to a phone app. The control panel includes the setup for the phone connection, as well as there brightness levels and eleven treatment modes. The control panel includes settings for eleven modes, multiple brightness levels, and the Bluetooth connection. In other words, this is the device for the cutting edge user, but not for someone who wants a simple on/off switch.

MitoADAPT Instructions

Session Times

You will sit or stand six to 12 inches from the device for 2-3 minutes to start. Work up to ten minute sessions. Do not go longer than ten minutes or use the device more than twice a day. With red light therapy, more is less. Get the right amount of light.

Eye Protection

Wear eye protection. Use either the red/infrared glasses or the opaque goggles. Red light therapy is good for the eyes, but NOT WHEN THE LIGHT IS TOO BRIGHT. Very bright light can cause eye damage. Do NOT SELF TREAT YOUR EYES.


Use the QR code in the manual to download the MitoADAPT app. Start the app on your phone. On the device’s control panel, press SET until you toggle to the Bluetooth option. The device will send a pairing request to your phone. Accept the request.

Wavelength Selection

Press the device’s SET button until you see MODE. Select MODE, then press SELECT to choose one of the eleven wavelength combinations for your session. The app will present you with options for minutes and brightness. The default is ten minutes and 100% brightness. Use eye protection with bright light.

Now click GO to start the light.

User Manual

There’s so much more to the phone app, so I embedded the MitoADAPT user manual below for you to read: Mito Adapt User Manual V3 1222

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