Novaa Healing Pad vs. Nushape Therapy Wrap: Which One to Buy

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Two of the most popular therapy wraps we sell are the Novaa Lab Haling Pad and the Nushape Therapy Wrap. Both use read and near infrared to stimulate cellular repair. So which one should you buy?

The Novaa Healing Pad is a workhorse design with a lower price and longer return period. The Nushape Therapy Wrap is an elegant work of art with neat stitching and soft padding to make a luxury item out of red light therapy. it costs more and has a shorter return period than the Novaa Lab.

Why Red Light Therapy is Getting Popular

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, is a non-invasive therapy that uses low-level energy to deliver light to the body. That light absorbs in the mitochondria, where it adds energy to the machines that make adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP promotes healing by adding energy to the tissue repair process.

We drilled down into the Novaa Deep Healing pad for you to gather more info:

Novaa Deep Healing Red Light Therapy Pad for Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

NovaaLab Light Pad Review: Customers Trust this Brand

The Benefits of Using a Wrap

The panels that throw red light at you are popular, but I’m not sure why. I have one a respected manufacturer gave me. I use it at times for generic infrared exposure. When it comes to treating arthritis and pain, I use a wrap, not a panel.

A wrap allows you to put the light right on the skin. This means that no light is lost to spread or reflection. The skin contact forces the light into the skin where the mitochondria find and process it.

Wraps are the maximum photon absorption factor in my health routine.

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy works on a cellular level, so it works wherever we have cells, which is everywhere.

The science has been around since 1967, and there’s no doubt that red light therapy offers these benefits and more:

reduction in

  • wrinkles
  • acne
  • arthritis pain
  • muscle pain
  • exercise soreness
  • symptoms of depression, anxiety, dementia, and brain injury

increase in

  • time for wounds to heal
  • collagen production
  • energy production
  • circulation

Where to Use a Red Light Pad

You can use a pad for collagen production, but it’s not really built to be used on the face.

Get a pad for relieve of pain and skin issues anywhere on the body.  That includes:

  • feet
  • ankles
  • legs
  • torso
  • butt
  • back
  • arms
  • neck
  • chest

That means that you can put it around the head, but it’s not idea as it makes it hard to breathe!

Comparison of Novaa Deep Healing Pad to the Nushape Therapy Wrap

Use the table to compare the wraps, then we will discuss what these values mean below the table.


Features Novaa Deep Healing Pad Nushape Therapy Wrap
Wavelength 660nm and 850nm 660nm and 850nm
Number of LEDs 360 600
Treatment Area 15.7″ x 9″ 20″ x 5″
Irradiance Output 200 mW/cm^2 (see article) 100 mW/cm²
FDA Classification Class II Class II
Weight 0.6 lbs. 1 lb.
Power Plug Included Included
Session Length 20 minutes 20 minutes
Battery Not available but you can use any cell phone battery Optional battery
Return Policy 60 days 14 days
Price $600 on sale for $299.90 $499 on sale for $449 with coupon code RED


Why Choose the Novaa Deep Healing Pad

The Novaa Lab Healing Pad’s strength is in the device’s return policy and the price.

Why Choose the Nushape Therapy Wrap

The Nushape Therapy Wrap’s strength is in its quality of materials.

But What About the Irradiance?

If you look at the table and say, “But the Novaa irradiance is twice as much as the Nushape,” I want you to understand how irradiance works.

It is unlikely that the Novaa is 200 mW/cm^2. It is much more likely that the Novaa and Nushape are both 100 mW/cm^2.

When you use them for 20 minutes on the skin, you probably get the same dose of light.

The Solar Meters Overstate Energy

To get the correct irradiance, you need to use the right kind of light meter.

Everyone in the red light therapy business knows that they’re using the wrong type of meter. There are one or two exceptions, manufacturers who will tell you what I’m telling you.

Most companies use solar meters that overate energy by a factor of two. So divide their stated value in half to get closer to the real energy value of the light.

Is More Better?

Mostly, those, marketing departments are depending on you to believe that “more is better.” The 200 is better than the 100, right?

No, I’m afraid not. The 200 mW value is there for all the people who are not reading this article, who naturally believe that more is better, and who will be impressed by a high number.

You can’t really blame the companies for doing this. They’re fighting an impossible battle.

If they use the right meter to measure their device, it will appear to the uneducated buyer that their product is “weak.”

So they’re trapped in an unregulated market where the fact that red light therapy is the low energy delivery of light goes right over people’s heads.

They overstate their products’ irradiance by a factor of two, pointing to their meter’s output as evidence.

OK, but it’s the wrong kind of meter.

How Much Light Do You Get?

Now, to see how this works, know that an accurate irradiance requires the right kind of meter, as well as the time per treatment, and the distance of the light from the target.

Do you see how the pads’ instructions are 20 minutes at zero (0 inches) (on the skin)?

And do you see that Novaa’s irradiance is twice the Nushape’s?

Most solar meters overstate energy by a factor of two.

Interesting that such similar pads have exactly twice as much or 50% as much of the other’s energy.

It fits perfectly with using a solar meter to measure the Novaa light output.

The Novaa is 200% greater than the Nushape. The Nushape is 50% as much as the Novaa.

What’s much more likely is that the Novaa is overstated by a factor of two.

The pads’ irradiances are equal.

200 mW is Hot

For more evidence, note that 200 mW per sq. centimeter would feel very hot, and the Novaa is warm, not hot.

The problem is that in red light therapy, a 200 mW device is too powerful. Novaa is appealing to people who think that more is better, because that’s how marketing works.

If I am right, then the Novaa is off by a factor of 200% (it is two times the Nushape irradiance). If we take half (50%) of the stated irradiance, it is not 200 but 100 mW/cm^2.

That would make much more sense.

Which is Better, Novaa or Nushape Return Policy?

Because 99% of the red light therapy companies use solar meters, we’re going to skip past the difference and assume that these devices offer the same irradiance.

It’s a marketing problem that we can deconstruct, so let’s move on to the real differences between these two pads.

I know from sales figures that both the Nushape and the Novaa have very low return rates. People try them, and they feel better, so they keep them.

If you use a Novaa for 60 days and don’t feel better, you can return the Healing Pad.

If you use the Nushape for 14 days and don’t feel better, you can return the Therapy Wrap.

That is the biggest difference between these two pads.

Which is Better, Novaa or Nushape Treatment Size?

The Novaa wrap is 15.7 x 9 inches. (141.3 sq. in.). The Nushape Therapy Wrap is 20×5 inches (100 sq. in.).

The reason the Nushape feels larger is that it is longer. So it wraps around the back and around the tummy. It just is not as tall, covering 5 inches of height rather than the Novaa’s 9 inches.

Which is Better, Novaa or Nushape Price?

The Novaa retails for $600. You can usually get it on sale for $299.90.

the Nushape retails for $499. Use coupon code RED for $50, effectively making the price $449.

So why the difference in price?

Having used both wraps, I can tell you that Nushape is a luxury brand, and Novaa is a work horse brand.

By this I mean that Nushape uses the best, most comfortable neoprene material. The stitching is beautiful, the texture is soft and comfortable.

Novaa is strong too, but without the feeling of elegance you get with Nushape.

If you are the kind of person who won’t shop without heels and makeup, then you want the Nushape for its understated elegance.

If you are the kind of person that just wants to get the job done with a device that won’t break, then you want the Novaa.


The Therapy Wrap
Phototherapy in this spectrum promotes muscle relaxation. It also stimulates collagen production, and reduces swelling and inflammation bringing relief to athletes, sufferers of arthritis, and those with chronic pain.
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