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The NovaaLab Light Pad is the best selling red light therapy wrap on this site. I refer more customers to NovaaLab than to any other manufacturer. I think I know why.

NovaaLab has a trustworthy return policy that people seem to appreciate and respect. The 60-day return reassures buyers that there’s no risk in trying this pain relief therapy wrap. I think that’s why so many people are willing to give NovaaLab a try.

The Light Pad wraps around any body part, including the arthritic knees and sore backs. Technically, you can use a wrap to treat wrinkles on the face. I call this a “secondary” target because wraps are not the ideal device for face work, but they definitely work.

Wearables put no barriers between you and the healing photons of light.

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NovaaLab Light Pad
NovaaLab Light Pad


NovaaLab Light Pad Red Light Therapy Specifications

The NovaaLab Light Pad includes a massive 360 light chips in a 15.7 x 9 inch pad. The pad shines red and infrared light directly onto the skin, with no photons lost to distance.

Device TypePad
How to Carry Devicewearable
dimensions15.7 x 9 inches
PowerPower cord, or use any phone battery
Wavelengths660 nm, 850 nm
Isolated Wavelengthsnone
EMF at 0 inchesunknown
EMF at 6 incheszero
Weight.6 lb.
Warranty1 year
Returns60 days
Restocking fee$0
Session time20 minutes

Where to Put the Light Pad

Neoprene wraps are my favorite type of red light therapy device. They are wearable, soft, and mold to any body part.

Man wrapping light pad around knee
NovaaLab Light Pad

The NovaaLab Light Pad has a huge surface of lights. You can wrap it on your foot, ankle, calf, knee, thigh, hips, back, tummy, chest, neck and head.

That’s why wearable wraps rule!

A good wearable is a high quality neoprene belt embedded with hundreds of red and infrared lights. That’s what you get with the NovaaLab Light Pad.

The NovaaLab Light Pad size is respectable at just shy of 1 ft. 4 inches long and 9 inches wide. This covers the whole lower back or a knee with ease.

Light Pad Wrap Wavelengths

660 nm is red, and 850 nm is infrared, which is difficult to impossible to see with the human eye. Infrared is the light that we feel as heat coming from the sun.

The Light Pad is a red and infrared wrap with 660 nm and 850 nm peak wavelengths.

Studies strongly support using these wavelengths to reduce pain and inflammation, especially from tendinitis and arthritis.

You can use these wavelengths to trigger collagen and thereby reduce wrinkles, and to support brain health.

Who Should Use the NovaaLab Light Pad (Primary Goals)

People with arthritis, chronic pain and chronic inflammation should use this red light therapy device. Wear the pad when recovering from exercise.

It’s also a general wellness device, because these wavelengths of red and infrared stimulate mitochondrial health, essential to energizing every healing and operating cell in the body.

The Light Pad opens blood vessels for more healthy blood flow.

Use the Light Pad if you’re looking for these primary goals:

NovaaLab Light Pad is Ideal for:Because:
quicker exercise recoveryreduces inflammation
pain reliefthese wavelengths have an analgesic effect, and reducing inflammation should reduce pain
arthritis reliefmultiple studies on osteoarthritis of the knee show that these wavelengths reduce knee pain. That would apply to any type of osteoarthritis.
reduced inflammationChronic inflammation happens when the body does not know to shut off the immune response. Red light therapy appears to signal to the body that an overactive immunity is undesired, and inflammation calms down.
tendinitis reliefThe wrap’s wavelengths were shown in studies to reduce the discomfort of tendinitis. Researchers theorize that the inflammation reduction is part of it, but there is also evidence of tissue repair from the red light therapy.
cellulite and wrinkle reductionThe red wavelength is a popular one in the studies for reducing the skin issues common with aging, including cellulite and wrinkles. Red stimulates collagen and elastic, which plump up and tighten the skin.

Who Should Use the NovaaLab Light Pad (Secondary Goals)

Red light therapy has an analgesic (aspirin-like) effect that rreduces pain.
Red light therapy has an analgesic (aspirin-like) effect that rreduces pain.
Therapy should move the pain scale down by several notches.
Therapy should move the pain scale down by several notches.

The Light Pad’s wavelengths will have effects on the secondary goals too. I might not recommend a pad for these jobs, but there’s nothing inherently stopping the bad from giving you these benefits as well:

Light Pad’s wavelengths also support these goals:However the idea device type for this therapy is:
Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, Mild Cognitive Impairment symptom reductiona headset, a helmet or an intranasal light
belly fat reductiona neoprene pad
acne reductiona red light therapy device with blue wavelengths
hair growtha hat or helmet with only red wavelengths

Protection from Unwanted Artifacts and Brightness

The NovaaLab Light Pad will not subject you to unwanted EMFs so long as you keep the transformer at least 6 inches from your body.

Don€™t put the power brick on your lap. You do not need goggles for a wrap, as the lights are right up against your skin.

Red Light Therapy Wrap Comparisons

Use the Light Pad for 20 minutes on each spot you treat, up to two times per day. This treatment time is typical of neoprene LED devices, so we know that the device is well powered.

Black belt with red lights
Nushape Lipo Wrap

The NovaaLab pad is tied as my favorite with the Nushape Lipo WrapOpens in a new tab.

Man's feet on lit red light pad
Use the Novaa to relieve foot pain

The Nushape is also more expensive, so if you can do without the luxury of that higher quality exterior, save some money and get the NovaaLab.

NovaaLab Light Pad Video

Learn more about the Light Pad in this video:

Pros and Cons of the NovaaLab Light Pad

The Light Pad is one of my favorite wearables. The wavelengths are in the center of the healing ranges.

While there are several competitors I could recommend for a wearable wrap, I choose this one because it’s comfortable, affordable, and people say it helps them.

It has a huge coverage area, with 360 light chips, so you are getting many mitochondria energized in each treatment.

Man's hands on red light pad
Use the Novaa to reduce arthritis pain

NovaaLab has a liberal return policy: 100% satisfaction or return it for a full refund. You have 60 days to try it out.

You can use a cell phone USB battery to make the Light Pad a portable device. If I could change anything, it would be to add the battery as an option with the pad. It comes with a power plug, you have to supply the battery if you want to use it.

Pulsing might amp the benefits, but it’s not necessary to have, as the wrap is a pain reliever just the way it is.

NovaaLab Returns and Warranties

Use the Novaa to reduce back pain

NovaaLab has a 100% refund with no-questions-asked return policy, making it easy to try the therapy light without risk. You have 60 days to return the Light Pad for a full refund.

Use the pad for 50 days and then decide whether it has helped you. As an affiliate of NovaaLab, I can tell from my own orders that very few pads are ever returned. There is no restocking fee, and the pad has a 1-year warranty.


People with chronic illness, arthritis and inflammation should get pain relief and greater ability to heal with this light.

The wavelengths in this device will recharge the cells and improve blood flow. The energized mitochondria give the body the energy to engage healing processes.

The blood flow carries nutrition and oxygen to areas that need tissue repair.

The Light Pad wraps around any body part, and offers a large coverage area per treatment. I know from my own order flow that few people return this product, but you can buy it knowing that you can return it for a full refund.

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