Nushape Lipo Wrap Review: Best Fat Burning Wrap Hands Down

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The Lipo Wrap is a fat loss and pain reief device.

I love red light therapy wraps because they pin the light right to your skin. No photon energy gets lost to distance between you and the device. You get the full benefit of the red light therapy using this type of device.

The Lipo Wrap is a solid 1 ft. 8 inches by 5 inches of LEDs that pour infrared into your skin.

Why the Nushape Lipo Wrap is the Best Fat Burning Wrap, Hands Down

In this review you will learn how the Lipo Wrap is constructed, how the fat loss process works, and the pros and cons of buying this wrap.

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Nushape Lipo Wrap Red Light Therapy

Device TypePad
How to Carry Devicewearable
Dimensions20 x 5 inches
PowerPower cord, or use any phone battery (also available for an extra charge from Nushape)
Wavelengths635 nm
Isolated WavelengthsN/A
Muscles, Joints, Bones, Brainyes
Aging Skinsecondary
EMF at 0 inchesnone
EMF at 6 inchesnone
Warranty1 year
Returns14 days
Restocking fee$0
Session time20 minutes (maximum)
Girl wrapping neoprene belt around her waist
The Nushape Lipo Wrap has a wide coverage area. Click the image to view the Lipo Wrap on


Where to Put the Lipo Wrap

The Nushape Lipo Wrap includes a massive 20 inches long and 5 inches tall. The pad shines red light directly onto the skin, with no photons lost to distance.

The Nushape Lipo Wrap is very long to fit all the way around the body. This is the wrap that has the extra flaps to tighten the lights smack against the skin.

Young woman wrapping a large black belt embedded with hundreds of red lights around her waist
Red light therapy does reduce fat by releasing fat from cells.

Use the wrap as a fat loss device, or wrap it anywhere you need pain relief.

It molds to any part of the body, including sore backs and arthritic knees.

The wavelength is perfect for wrinkle repair, if you can see your way to wrapping it on your face.


Lipo Wrap Wavelengths

The Lipo Wrap outputs 635 nm red light. The science supports using this wavelength to reduce pain, inflammation and tendinitis. The 635 nm wavelength has an aspirin-like effect on pain.

This is a good wavelength for hair growth, if you want to wear the wrap on your head.

Remember that there are some types of hair loss that do not respond to red light therapy. But if you are a responder, this is the wavelength to use.


This is also a good wavelength to trigger collagen and elastin. They erase wrinkles and tighten facial skin.

Nushape neoprene black wrap around a woman's thigh


Who Should Use the Nushape Lipo Wrap (Primary Goals)

The Nushape Lipo Wrap is a fantastic Mother’s Day gift.

You can’t get a higher quality wrap, it’s luxurious to the touch, and you can feel how well put together it is. It is absolutely the highest quality of any of the wraps I’ve tested.

Black belt with red lightsThe Lipo Wrap is a fat loosening device. For this to work, you must follow the Nushape directions. I have a friend who has been successful in using red light therapy to cut the fat. You have to do the tasks in order, though.

If you’re already doing everything right but not losing the fat, the Lipo Wrap is the tool to trigger that fat to finally let go.

In a study of red light on fat, researchers used electron microscopic pictures to find out where the fat goes.

The light pokes incredibly tiny holes in the fat cells. Triglycerides and fat leak out into the “interstitial space” amongst the fat cells.

You must use a vibrational plate or do a rigorous exercise to flush the fat from the body. Otherwise, the cells reabsorb the lost fat.

The difference between this and just “diet and exercise” is that many of us (myself included) can do everything right and still not let go of the fat.

Whether this is due to insulin resistance or menopause, we need all the fat loss help we can get.

This wrap is also perfect for people with chronic pain or arthritis. Inflammation responds to red light therapy.

It’s a good wrap for exercise recovery and to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

The therapeutic response comes from activating mitochondria (cellular energy factories) and opening blood vessels.

Red light shining on woman's thighUse the Lipo Wrap if you’re looking for these primary goals:

Nushape Lipo Wrap is Ideal for:Because:
quicker exercise recoveryit reduces inflammation
pain reliefthe red wavelength reduces inflammation and has an aspirin-like effect on pain
arthritis reliefMultiple studies on osteoarthritis of the knee show that red light reduces knee pain, as well as other types of osteoarthritis discomfort.
reduced chronic inflammationRed light reduces the chronic inflammation feedback loop that forgets to turn itself off.
tendinitis reliefWrap the Lipo Wrap around your arm to reduce carpal tunnel and tendinitis pain. There is evidence that this wavelength actually heals tissue damaged in tendinitis.
celluliteUse the wrap around the butt and thighs for cellulite treatment.
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Woman with red light therapy pad

Who Should Use the Nushape Lipo Wrap (Secondary Goals)

A secondary goal is one for which the wavelength is correct but the device might not be ideal. If you can get the device around the face, for example, the Lipo Wrap is perfect for collagen production.

Lipo Wrap’s wavelengths also support these goals:However the idea device type for this therapy is:
wrinkle reductionThis wavelength is perfect for wrinkle repair and skin tightening through triggering collagen and elastin. It’s a little awkward to turn a pad into a facial device, though.
hair growtha hat or helmet with only red wavelengths
acne reductiona handheld that also has infrared and blue wavelengths

Protection from Unwanted Artifacts and Brightness

Young woman with eyes closed drinking tea and wearing black belt around waistIf you run the Nushape Lipo Wrap by the power cord, keep the transformer brick off your lap to avoid unwanted electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Buy the optional battery pack for portable and EMF-free therapy.


You do not need goggles with the Lipo Wrap. It’s very bright, but it’s against your skin and so will not affect your eyes.

Red Light Therapy Wrap Comparisons

Young woman putting black belt around her waistI like to compare the Nushape Lipo Wrap to the NovaaLab Light Pad (view my complete guide to the NovaaLab Light pad hereOpens in a new tab.

Pad with red lights on black belt
NovaaLab Therapy Pad

Compare Materials

The Lipo Wrap has a high-quality almost luxurious neoprene wrap that you will not find anywhere else. It has extra tabs to really tighten the wrap around your tummy during fat loss sessions.

The NovaaLab Light Pad is a quality device but not luxurious like the Lipo Wrap. It has both red and infrared wavelengths, so it reaches further into the skin layer.

Compare Wavelengths

The Lipo Wrap runs only in the red and not infrared wavelength range.  It outputs at  peak 635 nm red wavelength.

The NovaaLab outputs both 660 nm red and 850 nm infrared wavelengths. The 850 nm travels deeper into the bdoy, which is advantageous but not required for a good result. It makes the NovaaLab a better PAIN RELIEF wrap.

Compare Prices

The Nushape Lipo Wrap is $499. The NovaaLab Light Pad is $500 on sale for $249.90.

Compare Policies

The Nushape has a 14 day return window, no restocking fees, and a 1 year warranty. The NovaaLab Light Pad has a 60 day return window, no restocking fees, anda  1 year warranty.

Compare Power

The Nushape and the NovaaLab come with power cords that you can swap out with batteries. Nushape sells an optional battery. NovaaLab instructs customers to get a cell phone battery to run their pad.

Compare Treatment Time

The treatment time for both devices is 20 minutes. I use treatment time as a proxy for power because the industry uses too many measurements that cannot be compared apples to apples. But treatment time is a solid indicator of how powerful a device actually is.


Woman in running clothes carrying neoprene red light therapy wrap

Nushape Lipo Wrap Video

Learn more about the Lipo Wrap in these videos:




Pros and Cons of the Nushape Lipo Wrap

For those asking if this technology releases fat, here is a clinical demonstration of a similar product so you can see how fat release red light therapy works in the field:

The Nushape Lipo Wrap has a huge treatment area full of bright red light that penetrates to the fat cells.

The neoprene exterior has a luxurious feel, which makes this the ideal Mother’s Day gift.

You can use the device for pain and inflammation relief, and it works well at relieving the pain of arthritis.

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Woman wearing a towel and man wearing a towel on his waist and black belt on his shoulder

I like the freedom of battery power, and if you do too, you can buy the battery pack as an extra item. The Nushape Lipo Wrap is not the cheapest red light therapy wrap, but it has the highest quality materials.

The return window is only 14 days but there is no restocking fee for returns. There is no pulsation feature, which would add power to the therapeutic effects.

This wavelength does energize the mitochondria to create more biological energy. It releases nitric oxide from the mitochondria to the blood vessels. The nitric oxide opens the blood vessels, allowing more nutrition and oxygen to reach injured tissue for healing.

Black Nushape wrap with intense red lightsFat loss is a realistic goal if you follow the instructions on the Nushape website. Don’t complain if you don’t follow the regimen and don’t get results.

People who can lose fat from eating less and exercising don’t know how lucky they are.

Insulin resistance and menopause can block fat loss, and it is for people with those issues that the Lipo Wrap is the best device.


Nushape Returns and Warranties

Nushape has a 100% refund with no-questions-asked return policy, but the return window is only 14 days. There is no restocking fee for returns. The Lipo Wrap has a 1-year warranty.


The Lipo Wrap is a luxurious gift and high quality red light therapy device for breaking down fat, but you must follow the directions on the Nushape website. It has the right red wavelength for facial rejuvenation and for some types of hair loss regrowth. This wavelength will reduce chronic inflammation and improve blood flow. You should see fast results using the Nushape Lipo Wrap.

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