Red Light Man Bodylight Review: Tallest Panel You Can Buy

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What to buy if you want the tallest red light therapy panel?

Look at the Red Light Man Bodylight, the tallest panel you can buy. Learn the ups and downs of this United Kingdom panel in this Red Light Man Bodylight review. The Bodylight is an extra large panel with pure 830 nm infrared. This eliminates the brightness from red that some find squinty (and therefore need eye protection).

Infrared triggers skin and muscle mitochondrial energy and blood vessel dilation, making this a solid choice for people who want a subtle experience and no brightness.

Device Type Panel
How to Carry Device door/ceiling mount (included), floor
Dimensions 115 x 17 x 7 cm (45.3 x 6.7 x 2.8 in)
Modular Panels stack and connect together
Power Power cord
Wavelengths 830 nm
Isolated Wavelengths 830 nm infrared
Bulbs 200
Flicker unknown
EMF at 0 inches unknown
EMF at 6 inches zero
Weight 8 kg (17.6 lb)
Warranty 1 year
Returns 30 days
Restocking fee $0
Session time 2-15 minutes

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The Bodylight 830
The Bodylight 830

The Red Light Man Infrared Bodylight 830 is a 200-bulb red light therapy panel for home use. The Bodylight is almost 4 ft. tall, with a length of just over 45 inches.

People usually buy the Bodylight for:

  • pain relief
  • wrinkle reduction

This is a good device for these goals below:

  1. wrinkle reduction
  2. scars reduction
  3. speed wound healing
  4. pain relief (arthritis and other)
  5. inflammation relief (arthritis and other)
  6. quicker exercise recovery
  7. faster and more complete tendinitis recovery
  8. cellulite reduction
  9. testosterone production

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Where to Put the Bodylight

The Bodylight comes with a hardware mounting for the ceiling or the door. You can also put it on the floor.

Bodylight Panel Wavelengths

Bodylight 830 hanging kit and power
Bodylight 830 hanging kit and power

The Bodylight is a pure 830 nm device. Studies on this wavelength and those nearby support its use for lowering inflammation, reducing arthritis pain, acting as a pain reliever in general, triggering collagen to reduce wrinkles, and brain function support.

Who Should Use the Red Light Man Bodylight

The Bodylight is unlike any other red light therapy panel you can buy. It is infrared only, and does not shine a red light.

Tall red box with lights
Bodylight is larger than most panels

Why would you want that?

Because red light is wihtin our visible spectrum, we perceive its brightness much more keenly than we perceive infrared light.

As a result, if the light is very  bright, it causes the need to squint and is uncomfortable.

Dr. Andrew Huberman, neurologist and opthamologist from Stanford University has stated that if the light is so bright you need to squint, you are in danger of hurting your eyes.

With competition among red light therapy manufacturers to seem “bigger” and “stronger,” lights are getting too bright for use without goggles.

The infrared advantage is that it’s almost invisible to our eyes, and cannot be “too bright.”

Infrared has all the qualities of red light, some with slightly different biological mechanisms, but still, you get a comprehensive therapy using only infrared light.

In addition to this unique feature, the Bodylight 830 is almost 4 ft. tall. And it is grounded, which protects you from unwanted electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

People who would enjoy the Bodylight (besides the list below) are those who want:

  • the quickest full body treatment
  • protection from EMFs
  • a pure infrared experience

The 830 nm infrared wavelength is in the therapeutic sweet spot for inflammation reduction and collagen production.

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Use this as you would any red light therapy panel that also had red wavelengths. The infrared has many of the same effects, but is able to penetrate deeper in the body than red light.

The Bodylight supports systemic wellness, meaning that it treats the mitochondria that travel through the blood. This wavelength will open the blood vessels for better circulation and internal repair.

Primary Goals for the Bodylight 830

The Bodylight 830 is well-suited to these goals:

Bodylight 830 is perfect for: Because its wavelengths:
quicker exercise recovery reduces inflammation
pain relief red and infrared are analgesic (like aspirin) and reduce inflammation
arthritis relief Multiple studies show that red and infrared light reduce osteoarthritis discomfort
reduced inflammation Multiple studies show that red and infrared light reduce inflammation, especially chronic inflammation that is no longer helpful to the healing process.
tendinitis relief Use the Blue Tabletop on the arm as tendinitis and carpal tunnel therapy.
cellulite and wrinkle reduction The red and infrared wavelengths in the Blue Tabletop trigger collagen to reduce wrinkles, and elastin to tighten and firm skin.
testosterone stimulation Based on anecdotal evidence, the red and infrared in the Blue Tabletop will trigger testosterone production.

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Secondary Goals Using the Bodylight 830

Large red panel on its side
Sleek and tall

The Bodylight has the right specifications for the following goals, but a panel might not be the best device for that kind of therapy. 830 nm is a good wavelength for Alzheimer’s therapy, for example, but that light is better delivered using a helmet, transcranial headset or intranasal device.

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Mito Red Light panel’s wavelengths also support these goals However the idea device type for this therapy is:
Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, Mild Cognitive Impairment symptom reduction a headset, a helmet or an intranasal light
belly fat reduction a neoprene pad
acne reduction a red light therapy device with blue wavelengths
hair growth a helmet or hat

Protection from Unwanted Artifacts and Brightness

Red Light Man does not offer goggles with this panel, and they say they’re not necessary. You do want to wear goggles if you find the light very bright. The wavelength itself is safe for the eyes, and probably therapeutic to boot.

Side of large red panel showing its fans
Well ventilated

Red Light Man takes a smart yet simple approach to eliminating unwanted EMFs. The panel is grounded, so you are exposed to an order of magnitude less unwanted EMF artifacts.

Stacking and Connecting Modular Red Light Therapy Panels

The Bodylight is not stackable, so if you buy more than one panel, you will use them as separate, unconnected devices. If you get more than one Bodylight, you will plug each into the wall with its own power cord.

Red Light Therapy Panel Comparisons and Coupons

Red Light Man Infrared Bodylight 830 Wavelength Range
Red light therapy devices deliver red and infrared light from the sun. This is a wavelength graph from the Red Light Man Infrared-Red Combo Bodylight. The link opens to my complete review of this device.

Treatment time is two to 15 minutes, as the Bodylight is a powerful red light therapy panel.
The Bodylight is unique in the red light therapy panel world. Its single wavelength and grounding protection along with a very powerful photon delivery make it an excellent choice for full body red light therapy.

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People looking to purchase red light therapy from the United Kingdom to avoid import fees from other countries cannot ask for a better customer support reputation.

Pros and Cons of the Red Light Man Bodylight

Red Light Man is a knowledgeable and helpful red light therapy company. The Bodylight weighs 8 kg (17.6 lb). It has a 30-day return window with no restocking fee, and a 1-year warranty.

Sunny day on green lawn
I know it feels hard to remember, but peacefulness is available to you.

The Bodylight is one targeted wavelength, an advantage for some buyers and a disadvantage for others. 830 nm has the same healing qualities as red light with the exception that a red wavelength will also stimulate hair growth. You should not see hair growth stimulation with the 830 nm in the Bodylight.

The Bodylight does not have pulsation, which you would not expect at this price point. Pulsation is a level above excellent, as it strengthens gains, but is not necessary for a completely successful therapy experience.

Sunshine over the ocean
830 nm is one of the infrared lights we get from the sun IF we get exposure.

People with chronic illness, arthritis and inflammation should get pain relief and greater ability to heal with this light. The 830 nm wavelength adds power to the body’s biological energy factories known as the mitochondria. When these recharge, the entire body has more energy. 830 nm also opens blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow, and bringing nutrition to areas requiring healing.

How to Get the Bodylight

This is the panel I would buy for any European destinations. The Bodylight ships out of the United Kingdom. You will find that the VAT and import fees are cheaper for you buying the Bodylight than importing a light from America, Australia or Canada.

The Bodylight is a very solid device backed by experienced sellers who will help you get the most out of your panel.

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Caroline Bogart

Caroline Bogart is a red light therapy (photobiomodulation) and author. She runs the,, and websites. Caroline is the auhor of the forthcoming book "Brain Light: Alzheimer's Edition," about using photobiomodulation to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. More about Caroline Bogart.

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