VieLight Neuro Red Light Therapy Review

Learn whether you need the Neuro Alpha, Gamma or Duo in this VieLight Neuro Red Light Therapy review.

How to Choose the Duo, the Alpha or the Gamma

Which Vielight to get depends on the problem you want to solve. For some people, it also depends on whether you are sensitive to the 40 Hz pulsation. Here’s an easy way to decide which Vielight to get.

  1. For symptoms of Alzheimer’s including MCI, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s:
    • The Neuro Gamma with 810 nm infrared light and a 40 Hz pulse is the right choice for neurodegenerative disease therapy. Get the Neuro Gamma using the dropdown below.
    • For sundowners and sleeping issues, it can help to add the Alpha 10 Hz device. Are you getting the Neuro Gamma and want to add an Alpha for sundowning and sleeping? Get the Neuro Duo to get the Alpha and Gamma in one device. Get the Neuro Duo below.
  2. For symptoms of TBI and CTE:
    • The Neuro Alpha with 810 nm infrared light and a 10 Hz pulse is the right choice for most traumatic brain injury and chronic encephalopathy therapy. Get the Neuro Alpha using the dropdown below.
    • The Alpha is the choice because it’s the most gentle, but some TBI/CTE patients want to use the 40 Hz for its memory and emotional therapy effects. To get the Alpha and the Gamma in one device, get the Neuro Duo below.

Vielight is a therapeutic device that has been clinically proven to reduce the severity of dementia symptoms.

Vielight emits a gentle light therapy that helps improve brain function and overall well-being.

Vielight uses precision light therapy to stimulate the brain’s “Default Mode Network,” improving cognitive function and reducing agitation.

Vielight has been found to improve increase socialization, and stimulate memory recall in patients with dementia.

Vielight is a safe and effective treatment that can be used in the home or care facility.

Vielight offers a non-invasive treatment for those affected by this debilitating disease.

Red light therapy is not a cure, but it does significantly reduce memory loss, anxiety, irritability and the severity of other dementia and brain injury symptoms.


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