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dpl Nuve Professional Acne Treatment Light Therapy


The dpl Nuve Acne Professional wand has been a bestseller for years. Lately, more stores are either not listing it or are putting “No Returns” on their sales pages. You need to be aware of that before buying the device. If you’re unsure that a non-returnable product is right, then I would ask you to check out the Project E Beauty Luma Blue Acne Light on Amazon. Like the dpl, the Luma Blue is a 3 minute treatment, indicating it has strong irradiance. The 415 nm blue wavelength will kill the P acnes bacteria as well. The Luma also has an ultraviolet light self-cleaning feature. The UV is for the device, not the skin. The device cleans itself with UV then cleans the face with blue light. This is the safest and best of both worlds.

dpl Nuve Acne Treatment Light Therapy Includes

  • dpl Nuve handheld device
  • One year warranty
  • Travel bag
  • AC/DC power supply
  • Relaxation goggles (usage optional)
  • Instruction manual

DPL Nuve Professional Acne Lightdpl Nuve Professional Acne Treatment Light Therapy Features

  • Used by professionals and physicians for acne treatment
  • Medical-grade blue LED lights reach deep where bacteria lives
  • Soothes inflammation and reduces pore size
  • Purifies the skin, and stabilizes oil glands
  • Reduces future acne flare ups and potential scarring
  • Calms redness and inflammation
  • FDA-cleared
  • FSA Approved

Directions For Using dpl Nuve Acne Treatment Device

  1. Wash and clean face prior to use.
  2. Attach Power Supply.
  3. Plug Power Supply into a wall outlet and turn on Device.
  4. Place Device head within 1/4″ distance from the skin, over the desired treatment area.
  5. Leave the light on the treatment area for a minimum of 3 minutes. Do not move or wave Device across the treatment area.
  6. Use a clock or timer to time your treatments if desired.
  7. Move Device to the next treatment area and repeat steps 5-7.
  8. Press the power button to turn the unit off.
  9. Use Device daily for best results.
  10. Unit will automatically shut off in case Device exceeds desired temperature. Let unit cool for a few minutes and begin treatment again.

DPL Nuve Professional Acne blue Light handheld therapyLed Technologies dpl Nuve Professional Acne Treatment Light Therapy System penetrates deep into the skin, targeting and destroying bacteria that leads to acne. The result is clean, clear skin with a healthier appearance.
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