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Novaa Light Pro Red Light Therapy Torch



Real FDA cleared medical-grade device

You don’t have to keep living with a chronic pain or injury. This breakthrough piece of technology will help you get rid of this stubborn pain like 10,000+ Americans.

It took us years to design the perfect Light Therapy with the best combination of Light frequencies, power and materials.

It will boost your deep cells rejuvenation from within, your injured cells will auto-repair.

You will get a 100% efficient medical device, for a real healing, from home.

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Woman using Novaa Light Pro red light therapy on thyroidNOVAA LIGHT PRO – The Original Deep Healing Therapy

Recommended by 94.8% of our clients!

  • Heal by making your body produce new healthy cells
  • Make your pain go away within 4 weeks, guaranteed or refunded
  • Heal deep joints, nerves, skin conditions & muscles, up to 2 in. deep
  • The lightest & easiest to use Light Therapy at home
  • FDA Class 2 Light Therapy for safe and efficient results

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“The Novaa Light Pro is the #1 portable Light Therapy with Medical-Grade power. It activates the Deep Healing of tissues that other treatments can’t reach.”

– Dr Brandt, founder of NovaaLab

Shine Novaa Light Pro red light therapy on arthritisEXTRA POWER

  • Combination of 3 powerful LEDs for a deeper healing (up to 2 in.)
  • RED + INFRARED: Red + Infrared medical-grade lights for more healing power

Thousands of red light therapy studies show its use on arthritis and painPREMIUM QUALITY

  • Premium materials
  • Professional device
  • Made to last for years

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Bright Novaa Light ProSAFE & EFFORTLESS

  • Easy 5 minutes / day therapy sessions
  • Integrated timer in light

Studies show that standard treatments like topical cream and Red light therapy panels only penetrate 0.1 in. deep in your tissues. This means they only act at the surface of your skin, and can’t reach the deep injured tissues!

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Joint pain? Nerve pain? Chronic pain? Injury? Skin condition?

You NEED to reach your deep tissues in order to heal effectively the damaged cells.

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Novaa Light Pro red light therapy shines brightlyA Deep Healing therapy to promote the growth of new cells

Based on NASA studies, the Novaa Light Pro delivers the exact light wavelengths which penetrate deep into the skin and sends healing energy to the injured cells.

With more energy, your injured cells can function more efficiently, rejuvenate themselves, and repair damage.

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Novaa Light Pro red light therapy torchThe Novaa Light Pro is hold so close to your skin, meaning the light power is not lost and can actually go deeper than any other treatment.

Imagine this healing light reaching your tissues, muscles, tendons and even bone to increase blood circulation, further promoting and boosting the healing process.

As you can hold it so close to your skin, the light power is not lost and can actually go deeper through your tissues.

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Novaa Light Pro red light therapy penetrates up to 2 inchesMake your body produce new healthy cells: Do you know about mithochondria?

The Novaa Light activates the mitochondria of injured cells so that they can repair themselves by producing brand new healthy cells. As we all know, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of our cells: it makes them rejuvenate and produce more healthy cells.

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Red and Infrared Light Therapy sends energy to our cells, including the injured ones. With that additional energy they receive, these injured cells are able activate the mitochondria that was stopped.

Novva Light Pro rejuvenates cellsThe result?

Injured cells can finally produce new healthy cells. The injury is repaired from within by your own body.

That’s why the Novaa Light is able to heal old pains and injuries, and also solve tenacious skin conditions.

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Novaa Light Pro red light therapy carrying caseSCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN by more than 3,000 clinical studies

It seems unbelievable but it’s true. Red Light Therapy helps for so many health conditions that more than 3,000 clinical studies have proven its benefits. That’s why the Novaa Light is recognized as medical device by the FDA.

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Numerous studies have proven that Red Light therapy is a safe and effective treatment to arthritis. The best results show the pain was reduced by 70%, and flexibility was improved within 4 weeks.

Red Light therapy can be applied to any joint pain like hand, hips, shoulder as it activates cartilage regeneration.

Within 2 weeks, you will feel the benefits of the Novaa red light on your aching joints!

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The wavelengths used in our Novaa Light Pro are the most efficient ones that promote cells regeneration, blood flow and anti-inflammation. These 2 effects combined have great effects on long-lasting knee, hands and hips pains. Taking too many pills? Try our natural healing Light to quickly reduce inflammation.

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Woman with arthritis uses Novaa Light Pro red light therapyINFLAMMATION AND NERVE PAIN RELIEF

Researches have found that reducing inflammation and pain is one of the core benefits. Notably it is proven to help on general knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, back or other joints pains like shoulders or hands.

The wavelengths used by the Novaa Light Pro have a anti-inflammation and a regenerative effects on the cells, which causes a better blood circulation and activates the self-healing of the stimulated area for a quick relief.

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Use Novaa Light Pro red light therapy on wrinklesIMPROVE SKIN CONDITIONS

Dozens of studies have shown that Red Light Therapy improves skin health. It is commonly used in clinics to treat skin conditions such as scars, acne, marks, signs of aging and many other skin issues.

Novaa Light Pro will boost your skin cells energy, increasing their rejuvenation and their collagen production.

The result is a skin which looks younger, with an increased elasticity and clean from skin disorders.

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“I wanted to write this as a review for what it’s worth. I have a bad pain in my left hand where my index finger and the first knuckle on my hand. The light therapy didn’t, or hasn’t yet, completely gotten rid of that pain. But it has improved it very much. I use it a couple of times a week and the pain is very tolerable. I would describe it as more of an annoyance now than pain which is already great.

But the main reason I am writing this is to tell you about a friend of mine who I convinced to buy one of these lights from you.

He was laid up for two weeks with a swollen left knee and he could not walk or put weight on his left leg. He kept using heat on it for a couple of weeks with no response to the heat. He ordered one of your lights and used it for two days and the swelling in his knee went down and after just two days of using his light his knee was completely back to normal and it still is. That was over a month ago and he has not had any problem with his knee since. And he is not using the light anymore. He also said that it completely got rid of the plantar fasciitis in his foot too.

I don’t have a photograph, but I hope you can use this review somewhere on your site to help others. Thank you.”

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  • Only 5 minutes per day
  • Everyone can use the Novaa Light Pro with ease!
  • It’s light and has an integrated timer for your safety.
  • If you follow this plan, you have 94.8% of chances to reduce your pain within 1 month.*
  1. Relax and sit comfortably
  2. Target the area you want to treat, 5-10 min per day
  3. Repeat everyday for 3-4 weeks
  4. Enjoy the pain going away!

Technical Specifications

  • Certifications: FDA, CE, RoHS
  • Size: 4.7 in. x 1 in.
  • Wavelengths: 3 medical-grade Led Lights which deliver
    – Red 630 nm
    – Deep Red 670 nm
    – Infrared 850 nm frequencies
  • Irradiance output power:
    at 0 inch: > 200 mW / cm^2
    at 1 inch: 120 mW / cm^2
    at 3 inch : 45 mW / cm^2
    at 6 inch : 25 mW / cm^2
  • Leds lifetime: 50 ,000+ hours
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs
  • FDA Classification: Class II
  • Batteries: 2 rechargeable 18650 Ion batteries included

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We have designed the Novaa Light Pro to be the #1 Red Light Therapy at home with Medical-Grade power.Based on NASA studies, it delivers the light wavelengths which penetrate deep into the skin and send healing energy to the injured cells. With more energy, cells can function more efficiently, rejuvenate themselves, and repair damage.With 200mW / cm^2, the Novaa Light Pro is the most powerful on the market.And the Novaa Light is FDA cleared and recommended by therapists!

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Loved by professionals

Recommended by US Doctors and Therapists

Novaa Light Pro is recommended by therapists and doctors for an efficient healing at home.

Novaa Light Pro red light therapy on cats and dogs

Great on Cats and Dogs

  • The same light frequencies can be used to reach the deep tissues and heal our little friends!
  • Deep Red Light and Infrared lights are also safe for smaller dogs and pets.
  • Target the desired area while avoiding the hairs
  • As for humans, perform 5-minutes daily sessions, once or twice per day

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Novaa Light Pro red light therapy is guaranteed 60 days or your money back


And what if your health doesn’t improve? That’s fine. Even if 95% of our client obtain good results, it may not work for your condition.

That’s why you have 60 days to test your Novaa Light Pro.

If you don’t like the product, or if it just doesn’t work for you, simply return it. We will refund you 100%, no questions asked.

Yes, it’s that’s easy and risk-free!

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Deborah has healed her arthritis and an old injury
After years of pain, Deborah has finally treated her joint pain and an old injury in 3 weeks.
Click on the video to play it
– Deborah Woodman, 52, Red Light Therapy enthusiast

Now imagine healing your pain for good like Roger who used the Novaa Light Pro portable red light therapy pen cold laser therapy
Man shining Novaa Light Pro red light therapy torch– Roger Smith, 61, NovaaLab client since 2012

“I’ve spent a lot of money for inefficient treatments, I’ve had this discomfort and prickling pain due neuropathy in my shoulder for years.

As the Novaa Light is FDA cleared and has a satisfaction guaranteed, I gave it a try. Within 2 weeks I could move my shoulder almost normally and after one month the pain was greatly reduced!

Not sure of the science behind it, but this Novaa Light therapy is really efficient.
I recommend to anyone searching for a solution to their nerve pain!”

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Our Red Light Therapy is not magical: it will only work if you follow your daily therapy during at least 3 weeks.

It’s based on science and there are hundreds of clinical studies showing the benefits on numerous health issues. Today, Red Light therapy is used in clinics and by therapists all over the US.

We are proud that thousands of Novaa users told us their health improved for:

  • Relief for Knee and Hand pain
  • Help with many skin conditions: tightening, wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, eczema…
  • Healing joint pain and arthritis efficiently
  • Nerve Pain relief and neuropathy
  • Faster Healing after Surgery
  • Quicker recovery of sport injury (Tendinitis, Strain and Tear muscle, Tennis Elbow, …)

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Girl using Novaa Light Pro red light therapy on her armEven if a satisfying number of 92% of our clients had great results with their Novaa Light Pro, we understand that it may not work for everyone. We have full confidence in our products, that’s why we offer a 100% Refund guarantee during 60 days!

Simply contact our hearty support team and they will guide you during the easy return procedure.

Our goal at Novaalab is to give you access to a professional treatment from your home, at an affordable price. That’s why the Novaa Light Pro only costs one Red Light Therapy session in a clinic!

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  • It is sturdy, built only with quality and medical-grade components.
  • It will last and heal you for years, literally.
  • We truly believe that its price is fair compared to the health benefits you will get.

94.8% of clients are satisfied

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