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Red Light Man Infrared 830 Device


Red Light Man Infrared 830 Therapy

  • Intense beam of therapeutic infrared light.
  • 830 nm only
  • The single best infrared light wavelength.
  • Hand-held, hangable, tabletop
  • Unique beam angle for high penetration.
  • Now comes with a red shell/case!

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Why 830nm infrared light?

Highly energy efficient and tuned to the best infrared light therapy wavelength, this product’s light output coincides exactly with our cellular absorption in that range, ensuring maximum effects in the shortest time possible.

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It emits a highly concentrated beam of 830nm near-infrared light – ensuring usefulness over a long range and covering a large area. If used close to the skin it offers unparalleled penetration into the body, more so than any other wavelength or type of light.

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Red Light Man Infrared 830 Therapy magnifierThe full spectrum of this product is all as non-visible light, ranging from about 790nm near-infrared light all the way into the 880nm near-infrared, with the peak wavelength output firmly in the 830nm range.

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This product can be handheld, hung with the included hanging clips, or positioned on any flat surface. It can be effectively used from a distance of up to 60cm.

The COB LED revolution

This product utilises an innovative COB LED system, allowing for much higher packing density of the LED chips, giving stronger values of what researchers call ‘power density’ (light intensity). The key benefits of this include deeper penetration and shorter session lengths. The image below highlights some of the other advantages when compared to the older LED panels.

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Red Light Man Infrared 830 Therapy magnifierBenefits of COB LED

  • Potential life span 50,000+ hours
  • Includes power cord & hanging kit
  • Compact due to  the small size of the LED
  • High Intensity, particularly  at close distances
  • High uniformity, even at close working distances
  • Lower light loss from the lens
  • Superior thermal performance for increased life, stability and reliability

Red Light Man Infrared 830 Therapy contentsWhat’s in the box?

  • Red Light Man’s Infrared 830 Device
  • Power cord (custom for your location) & hanging kit
  • User guide

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This product comes with full support. We’re here to help you at any point before or after sale. If you’re not sure what you should be doing or how to get the best results – just contact us.


LED technology is 5-10 times more efficient per unit of light than traditional incandescent lighting. COB LED technology has less resistance than single LED or UFO type lighting.

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Whenever you touch this device and it is plugged in, it is providing a natural electrical connection to the Earth, even if it’s not turned on. By being grounded electrically, you are protected from EMFs in your environment.

Red Light Man Infrared 830 Therapy switchQuality components

The custom designed narrow beam lens focuses the light source from the COB (circuit on board), providing an uniquely intense beam that maintains high strength over long distances.

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Can this hurt my eyes?

The typical human eye responds to wavelengths 400nm to 700nm. The light coming from this device is in the near-infrared, meaning it is not really visible to us and not stimulatory on our eyes. Only certain cameras will detect it.

Near Infrared light of these wavelengths is safe for the eyes, just as it is elsewhere on the body. Safety goggles are not necessary to use this product.

Red Light Man Infrared 830 Therapy ventsWavelength

  • 100% 830 nm Near Infrared

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  • Up to 1500 mW/cm^2 density
  • 200 mW/cm^2 @10cm
  • 20 mW/cm^2 @50cm


Red Light Man Infrared 830 Therapy plugsBox specifications

  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Beam angle: 40 degrees
  • Voltages:  Access worldwide voltages
  • Rating: 126W
  • Consumption: 60 watts


  • 30 Day Home Trial
  • FREE UK Delivery
  • 1 Year Guarantee