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Red Light Man Red Light Device Mini


Focused red light therapy

A small but powerful red light therapy device, made with red LEDs of specifically chosen wavelengths.

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Why these 610nm – 670nm wavelengths?

This product emits light at specifically targeted wavelengths in the red light range, which also happen to be highly energy efficient LED ranges.

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Red Light Man Red Light Mini Bulb international wall plugsThe exact spectrum ranges from some orange-red light (600nm) up to the limit of infrared light (700nm), with peak output wavelengths designed to coincide exactly with our peak absorption in this range.

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The emitted light is focused by a magnifying lens into a penetrative point, meaning the light can be effectively used from a distance of up to 80cm (31 inches).

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This energy efficient and handheld device contains everything you need to get started and see results from red light therapy. Extremely easy to use and comfortable to hold, this product covers the full range of beneficial red light.

  • Emits a focused spectrum of red light.
  • 610 – 630 – 670 nm
  • Optimal wavelengths for red light therapy.
  • Hand-held, handsfree & hangable.
  • Narrow beam angle for high penetration.

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Red Light Man Red Light Mini Bulb front side bulbs onSpectrum

  • 610nm – 25% – Orange Red
  • 630nm – 25% – Red
  • 670nm – 50% – Deep Red

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Red Light Man Red Light Mini Bulb front bulbs onPower

  • Rating: 36W (12 x 3W)
  • Consumption: 18w
  • 200 mW/cm^2 @ 0cm
  • 20 mW/cm^2 @ 60cm

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Red Light Man Red Light Mini Bulb on head lights onSpecifications

  • Fits any e27/screw lamp
  • Dimensions – 12 cm x 14 cm
  • Beam angle: 30 degrees
  • Completely silent
  • Accepts worldwide voltages
  • Potential life span 50,000+ hours
  • Includes free power cord

Red Light Man Red Light Mini Bulb box, bulb, cord, holderWhat’s in the box?

  • Red Mini Light Device
  • Power cord (custom for your location)
  • User guide

Red Light Man Red Light Mini Bulb holder and wall plugCan this hurt my eyes?

The red light coming from this device will not cause long term eye damage and must be pointed directly at the eyes to temporarily overstimulate. It will be uncomfortable to beam directly into the eyes for extended periods. Closing your eyes is usually enough ‘protection’, but in fact studies show that red light, especially from LEDs, will provide health benefits to the eyes.