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Red Light Therapy for Dementia: The Complete Guide, Part 1: Dementia is a Nightmare. Photobiomodulation is the Light.

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The physical and emotional demands of dementia care often lead to sadness, depression, insomnia and headaches, according to the Mayo Clinic. A caregiver may love her mother, but exactly who is the paranoid and argumentative person who has taken her mother’s place? Caregivers absolutely must know about red light therapy (photobiomodulation) for the brain.

Thousands of studies confirm that certain wavelengths of red and infrared light have profound effects on the brain and body. Dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke and brain injury consistently improve using photobiomodulation in clinical studies and case reports. Dementia gains include:   

  • 5% word recall improvement
  • spontaneous hugging and smiling
  • significant reduction in the intestinal flora associated with increased Alzheimer’s symptoms

Dementia is a nightmare. photobiomodulation is the light.

This guide is for dementia, brain disease and brain injury caregivers who are losing loved ones and patients to:

  • memory loss
  • personality change
  • paranoia
  • loss of basic life skills
  • angry outbursts
  • memory failures
  • unnecessary arguments
  • forgotten compromises
  • insomnia and sleeplessness
  • anxiety and grief
  • wandering
  • inability to smile
  • failure to show affection

What Every Brain-Disease and Brain-Injury Caregiver Should Know

This guide will help anyone seeking to improve the condition of someone with a brain issue.

If you have control or influence over the patient’s therapeutic choices, you will learn how thousands of studies show that red light therapy dampens and often reverses the horrible symptoms of dementia. Much of this information applies to Parkinson’s, concussion and stroke.

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is the use of red and infrared light to help the body and brain to heal. Scientific journal articles refer to red light therapy as “photobiomodulation,” which is the use of photons to change biology.

There are over 8,000 journal publications devoted to photobiomodulation.

Bright Light Therapy is not Red Light Therapy

Bright Light Therapy is useful for relieving depression, but the “SAD” (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamps do not output the wavelengths studied in brain light studies. You will know a “bright light therapy” lamp by the claim that it outputs “10,000 lux.” That is, it is very bright.

40 Hz “Gamma” Lamps are not Red Light Therapy

40 Hz Gamma lamps take the pulsing part of some photobiomodulation devices. This can help entrain brain waves to desired states, but does not send light to the brain to revitalize tissue.

Hair Restoration Helmets are not Brain Therapy

Hair restoration helmets and hats are useful photobiomodulation devices for growing hair, but they are not powerful enough for the light to reach the brain.

Why You Should Trust This Brain Therapy Guide

Hi, my name is Caroline Bogart, and I am obsessed with light therapy.

I stumbled onto using light for healing while I was researching whether cell phones are harmful (they are).

Your Disbelief is Welcome. Please Keep Reading.

At first blush, the claims of red light therapy are hard to believe. The therapy works for everything from improving memory to creating collagen. Surely, this could not be real.

When in Doubt, Read the Science

I decided to read the science of red light therapy. The first thing I found was that marketers call this “red light therapy,” but scientists call it “photobiomodulation.”

I often see people on forums report that “there’s no science” on red light therapy and it is therefore an obvious scam.

Maybe they cannot find the science because they are using the wrong keywords. They are more likely to find the science using these search terms:

  • photobiomodulation
  • low level light therapy
  • low level laser therapy
  • cold laser

Many other terms apply, but these are the most used in the scientific journals.

I have found thousands of photobiomodulation studies in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) database.

The Powerful and Overwhelming Science of Photobiomodulation

The crazy part is how many studies confirm that red light therapy correlates with healthier bodies and brains.

There are over 8,000 studies, case reports and meta analyses, and the vast majority support using red light therapy for health.

I Created Two Red Light Therapy Websites

I found so much credible evidence supporting the use of red light therapy that I devoted my EMF Channel website to analyzing and sharing the science of red light therapy.

I have written hundreds of thousands of words translating photobiomodulation science into actionable information so that people can read my articles and use what they find to improve their health.

I have summarized over 400 studies and written guides on how to use red light therapy to alleviate symptoms of:

  • dementia
  • brain injury
  • concussion
  • stroke
  • acne
  • wrinkles
  • rosacea
  • osteoarthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • poorly fused bone breaks
  • skin wounds

I have interviewed light therapy pioneers who found and mastered red light therapy over the last 25 years.

I have created and published free tools to help people use their light therapy devices to emulate the treatment doses found in published studies.

I also answer light therapy questions on Quora, Reddit and Facebook.

I Have a Vested Interest in Photobiomodulation

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of some companies mentioned in this article. I might benefit from your purchase of if you use my links or coupons.

I also have a stake in preserving rescuing my brain before too much old age damage sets in.

Brain injury and disease are washing over us in waves, damaging and destroying our husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, loved ones and friends.

Neurological decay is an emotional and financial nightmare.

Brain health photobiomodulation devices are tested, FDA approved for sale, and available without prescription.

Red light therapy triggers neurogenesis, synaptogensis, and cellular energy (ATP). These lead to better memory, more sleep, and less anxiety.

I think we should be screaming from the rooftops about this amazing technology. It’s time everyone knew about this amazing technology.

Dementia is a nightmare, and photobiomodulation is the light.

Why Red Light Therapy Hasn’t Had a Ticker Tape Parade

If red light therapy is 1/10th as amazing as I have gushed on about so far, then why doesn’t everyone know about it and use it?

Why Haven’t I Heard of Red Light Therapy?

Dr. Marvin Berman is a neurofeedback specialist. He runs brain photobiomodulation clinical trials.

The results in his and other brain trials yield 5% to 65% cognitive test gains.

I asked him, “Why doesn’t everyone have a brain light?”

Just like the psychologist he is, he put the question back on me: “You know the answer to that,” he said.

Marvin is more diplomatic than I am, so allow me to interpret the answer in my own words.

If a good treatment is not in the marketplace, follow the money. Large investors need patents to protect their profits. Photobiomodulation is a threat to profitable treatments, or is not patentable enough for any one or two corporations to make a killing.

Photobiomodulation Makes Existing Medications More Effective

Berman is much more hopeful than I am. He says that dementia and Parkinson’s medications work well combined with photobiomodulation. In addition, photobiomodulation works better with conventional pharmaceuticals.

Rather than choose one or the other, he says, we should combine photobiomodulation, neurofeedback, and pharmaceutical treatments.

“Neurofeedback and photobiomodulation will make their drugs work better,” he explained.

How the Government Silences Good Treatments to Protect Us from Bad Ones

The drug industry created the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in response to congressional threats to reign in bogus medical claims.

The medical industry responded to the threat by saying, “Hey, we will police ourselves,” and the FDA was born.

The FDA’s job is to protect us from medical fraud

One of its methods is to squelch speech that might convince an unsuspecting consumer that a bad treatment is actually a good one.

I fully admit that this is a worthy goal, but I have also seen that it has a tremendous downside.

By limiting speech about the effect a device or drug can have, the FDA also prevents the public from learning about worthwhile therapies.

To gain the right to use words like “heal” and “cure,” pharmaceutical and medical device companies spend millions of dollars jumping through the FDA’s hoops.

Only extremely wealthy industries can afford to go through this process.

This is another reason you have not heard about red light therapy.

While the FDA is protecting you from unsubstantiated claims, it is also preventing you from learning about therapies backed by too little money to buy the right to legally speak about the benefits of using these therapies.

Science back the photobiomodulation claims. Thousands of studies back up what I will show you in this guide.

What the photobiomodulation device industry lacks is the millions of dollars required to run medical device trials in ways that are acceptable to the federal regulatory authorities.

Therefore, I will show you what the science says along with links to the original journal articles.

You can decide for yourself whether this technology is worth your money and time.

You need to know about this technology.

I need to tell you in a way that regulators find acceptable.

Let’s begin.