Reduced Pain and Improved Quality of Life After Laser Acupuncture Therapy for Trigger Finger

Study reduced pain trigger finger
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Med Acupunct. 2022 Aug 1;34(4):261-265. doi: 10.1089/acu.2022.0028. Epub 2022 Aug 17.


BACKGROUND: Trigger fingers is a condition that causes locking/stiffness due to inflammation and hypertrophy of the tendon sheaths. This inflammatory process occurs due to degenerative conditions, such as aging, chronic daily overuse, and other factors such as metabolic disorders.

CASE: A 51-year-old woman had grade IIIb trigger finger on her right hand for ∼2 months before going to an outpatient clinic. She also had stiffness and swelling for a longer time but it felt more severe by the time she presented at the clinic, thus, interfering with her work and quality of life (QoL). She was given acupuncture with low-level-laser therapy, using a low-energy laser, 3 times per week, on her right hand. The unilateral points used were LU-10 Yuji, LI-4 Hegu, PC-6 Neiguan, LI-11 Quchi, GB-21 Jianjing, and an Ashi point on the first finger of the metacarpophalangeal [MCP-I] joint). The bilateral body points used were ST 36 Zusanli and LR-3 Taichong.

RESULTS: After 12 sessions of therapy, there was a decrease her numerical rating scale (NRS) score of 6/10 to an NRS score of 0/10. She also had an improvement in her QoL, as measured by the Short Form-36 and Quick-Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand instruments.

CONCLUSIONS: Laser acupuncture may be considered for treating pain and improving QoL of patients with trigger finger. In addition, laser acupuncture causes minimal side-effects, compared with other medical treatments.

PMID:36051412 | PMC:PMC9419975 | DOI:10.1089/acu.2022.0028

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