Reducing the gap between science and clinic: lessons from academia and professional practice – part B: traditional vocal therapy techniques and modern electrostimulation and photobiomodulation techniques applied to vocal rehabilitation

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Codas. 2022 Aug 22;34(5):e20210241. doi: 10.1590/2317-1782/20212021241pt. eCollection 2022.


This text is the continuation of the XVIII SBFa Congress publication. In part “A” we presented the analyses on clinical vocal evaluation. Part “B” focuses on vocal rehabilitation: 4. Traditional techniques of vocal therapy; 5. Modern techniques of electrostimulation and photobiomodulation applied to vocal rehabilitation. The numerous studies on the various programs, methods, and techniques of traditional rehabilitation techniques, and many with high quality of evidence, allow us to consider such procedures relatively well described, safe, and with known effects, accounting for the treatment of various vocal disorders. The scientific evidence with traditional techniques is recognized worldwide. New fronts of evolution, with electrostimulation or photobiomodulation used to handle voice problems, seem to be promising as coadjutant approaches. There are more studies on electrostimulation in vocal rehabilitation than with photobiomodulation; however, scientific evidence for these two modern techniques is still limited. Knowledge and caution are required for the application of either technique.

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