The Benefits of Nushape Lipo Wrap and How to Use It

The benefits of nushape lipo wrap, and how to use it

I was talking to my friend Wendy ZelmerOpens in a new tab.

“We use red light therapy in my clinic to burn fat and slim up. We can get an inch or two off the target area with red light therapy alone. “Wendy did say that some of that loss is inflammation going down, so technically it’s not all fat. But it’s still fewer inches when you’re pulling up your jeans. The pads she uses are the same specifications as the Nushape Lipo Wrap.

What is Nushape Lipo Wrap?


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Nupshape Lipo Wrap for fat burning

Nushape Lipo WrapOpens in a new tab.

The Lipo Wrap contains 600 LED bulbs, about three times more than the average wrap in this price range. The therapy works on reducing cellulite, decreasing inflammation, and encouraging the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s batteries. ATP is essential to good health, and red light therapy directly affects the molecules that make ATP in your cells.

Red light therapy is the use of red and infrared light to stimulate healthy changes in the cells. It’s used for wound healing, pain relief, and even dementia symptom reduction. It’s a powerful modality that you might have only heard about recently, but it was invented in 1967, so it has a lot of science behind it.

How Does Nushape Lipo Wrap Work?

Lipo Wrap before pictureNushape Lipo Wrap works by delivering two wavelengths of infrared light proven to absorb in the cells to create healthy benefits. The infrared light penetrates through the skin to the fat cells. Based on fat loss studies, it is believed that the light pokes holes in the cells, allowing the fat to leak out. The FDA allows similar systems for sale as medical devices in beauty clinics.

After Lipo WrapThe exact mechanism is probably a combination of fat leakage, inflammation reduction, plus the health benefits of stimulating the chemical ATP. Adenosine triphosphate is the biological battery that runs the machinery of the body. We lose ATP as we age. Red light therapy is amazing at returning ATP to healthier levels. This is because the light energy absorbs in the electron transport chain that makes ATP.

Benefits of Nushape Lipo Wrap

Nushape Lipo Wrap is an LED light array built into a comfortable, high-end neoprene wrap. It has a huge treatment area, much larger than red light therapy wraps of similar cost elsewhere.

Woman wearing a towel and man wearing a towel on his waist and black belt on his shoulder
Use the Lipo Wrap for pain relief, too

The purpose of the wrap is to help fat leave the fat cells. You can lose two inches using this device. It’s the same principle as Contour LightOpens in a new tab.

Providers such as spas and chiropractors charge $89 a visit and recommend ten visits to get the full benefits. So a round of fat loss therapy costs about $900. But when you buy your own Lipo Wrap, you can treat yourself whenever you want, without travel to the clinic, and without paying any fees.

Young woman putting black belt around her waistIf that weren’t enough, the Lipo Wrap has the same wavelengths used in pain relief red light therapy pads. In my opinion, the Lipo Wrap has a higher quality fabric. It’s a luxuriously soft neoprene

Nushape Lipo Wrap Instructions

Measure the area you want to work on. Charge the battery using the charger provided. Plug the controller into the charged battery. Wrap the Lipo Wrap where you want to spot reduce. Press the “on” button. The device will turn itself off after the 20-minute session. For the first week, do the treatment every day. After seven days, measure the area again. Remember, DO NOT OVERDO! There is such a thing as too much red light therapy, and it’s counterproductive. Do the treatment as instructed!

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Nushape Lipo Wrap Treatment

To ensure you get the most from your Nushape Lipo Wrap treatment, it’s important to follow a few simple steps before, during, and after your session. First off, make sure you hydrate well throughout the day. Secondly, if you are someone who likes to fast, then fast at least two hours before using your Lipo Wrap. This is not part of their official instructions; it’s just something I know from a friend who’s had great success losing fat using red light therapy. Thirdly, use a vibration plate or just do aerobic exercise for ten minutes after treatment. This is not about burning calories. The light loosens fat out of the fat cell and intro the intracellular space. A vibration plate or exercise will push the fat to the lymph system for disposal.

Reduces cellulite, fat, and puckeringThe Lipo Wrap comes with a rechargeable battery that’s neatly wrapped in fabric and Velcros to the belt. Keep the battery charged between sessions (though the charge will last several sessions before running out. Even if you chose another device, get one with a rechargeable battery for portability. Red light therapy pads that plug into the wall require you to stay in one place for the length of the therapy.

Do the treatment for twenty minutes, three times per week. You will not lose fat faster if you go longer than twenty minutes. In fact, you’ll lose less! That is because too much light breaks the magic, the cells actually get overloaded and you lose the progress you’ve made for that session. In the science when extra light is tested, you can actually see the mitochondria put out more and more batteries (ATP molecules) and then start to slow down. Once there’s too much light, the benefits stop. Do the light three times per week, for twenty minutes each time.

Can You Use the Lipo Wrap on the Face?

You can use the Lipo Wrap on the face. The wrap has the same technology used in beauty enhancement products. These wavelengths ate rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production. The elastin firms up the muscles to reduce and prevent sagging. The collagen gives the skin a fresh, healthy glow.

How to Acquire a Lipo Wrap

Buy the Nushape Lipo Wrap using this linkOpens in a new tab.

Even if you could buy a Lipo Wrap on Amazon or Ebay, you should get it straight from the Nushape online store. Those marketplaces are not vendor-approved, meaning that you can’t get return or guarantee service from Nushape unless you buy from them.

How Much does the Nushape Lipo Wrap Cost?

The Lipo Wrap retail price is $499 but you can get it for $424 using PROMO CODE “EMFCHANNEL” at checkout. You should also consider getting the Lipo Wrap as your pain relief red light therapy device. Wraps sold for pain relief are usually smaller and so don’t cover the same target area. The Lipo Wrap has a huge treatment area so you can do your belly, both quads, or your whole back in one session.

What is the Nushape Lipo Wrap Return Policy?

Nushape allows a fourteen free trial of the Nushape Lipo Wrap. Save your packaging. Use the wrap every day for the first week. You should see results. The reason the trial is only fourteen days is that some customers took advantage of the 60 day return. They slimmed down for their wedding or high school reunion, and then returned the Wrap to Nushape. The customers used it free, which is unfair. 94% of customers keep their Lipo Wrap, and only 6% return it.


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