The Best Red Light for Hair Loss and Regrowth

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HairMax pioneered light therapy to re-grow hair. They have seven published studies showing their LaserComb effectively grows hair.

The best red light for hands-free hair growth is the HairMax PowerFlex LaserCap 272. The best red light for blazing fast treatment times per session is the HairMax LaserBand 12. The best red light for effective hair loss at a fantastic price is the HairMax LaserComb 82.

If you want to go top-of-the-line but at an easier price, then get the HairMax Flip Cap 80. You spend 30 minutes instead of 15 per treatment, but the price makes up for the inconvenience.

Before Anything Else

Make sure you are a  good candidate for red light therapy hair growth. Check your hair pattern against the classification pictures below, or contact HairMax for help.

These links open in new windows. Go to HairMax to decide if you are a good candidateOpens in a new tab. for hair growth, and contact HairMax for help in decidingOpens in a new tab..

Ludwig-Savin Female Classification
Ludwig-Savin Female Classification
Norwood-Hamilton Male Classification
Norwood-Hamilton Male Classification

How to Choose the Best Hair Growth Red Light Therapy

It’s devastating to lose your hair, and it doesn’t matter if it’s natural or from an illness. You might have tried Rogaine and come to the end of its usefulness. On the other hand, you see the hair is thinning and want to slow the process.

Before HairMax
After HairMax

To choose the right hair growth red light therapy device, make a few decisions about time and money and the choice makes itself.

The devices in this guide are scientifically proven in published studies to wake up dormant follicles so that they grow hair again. So let’s get to how to choose which device is right for you.

This is the Best Hair Growth Red Light Company

Growing hair takes three to six months. You have to do red light therapy correctly for it to work. The device has to be right, and your protocol has to be right. With two hurdles like this to overcome, there’s no room to settle for an unknown device.

These devices work for men and women.

While there definitely are good hair growth light companies out there — and I support a few of them on this site — you just have to go with a name brand for this purchase.

The best name brand you can buy is HairMax.

HairMax is the company that introduced red light therapy for hair growth at home. HairMax is the company that submitted its products to seven published studies proving its lasers re-grow hair.

That’s why I chose HairMax as the preferred hair growth light company for Best Red Light Therapy.

You want to set yourself up for success. You want the right wavelengths (colors), the right irradiance (light making it to your follicles), and the right schedule. Wavelength, irradiance and time have to be right for red light therapy to work.

before and after hair growth
Before and after using HairMax

If you start with a device you’re not sure you trust, the unknowns become too great to overcome.

What if you get to the end of the six months with a no-name device and you’re hair is not growing. Is the device to blame?

Do you have the kind of hair loss that doesn’t respond to red light therapy?

Take that question out of the equation.

Start with a company that will help you know upfront if you have the right type of hair loss pattern for red light therapy.

The alternative is to buy from a company that can’t give you that kind of advice because they’re also in the oven mitt and salsa business.

I’d like you to set yourself up for success, so I am recommending HairMax products.

How to Choose Which Hair Growth Model to Buy

These links open at in new browser windows. To decide which device to buy, look at the way you wear it, and for how long. The LaserCap is the fastest per treatment. The LaserBand and LaserComb require some effort from you, as you have to move them around your head.

For the most powerful device with hands-free operation and rechargeable battery convenience, go with the LaserCap 272Opens in a new tab..

For an incredibly fast time per treatment session (90 seconds!), get the HairMax LaserBand 82.Opens in a new tab.

For simply the lowest price for the highest quality hair growth light, get the LaserComb 9Opens in a new tab..

The LaserCap 272 is the Most Powerful Hair Growth Light


Go to the LaserCap 272Opens in a new tab.

The HairMax LaserCap 272 has 272 lasers (not LEDs) shining healthy red light directly into your head’s dormant follicles.

For sheer convenience, the HairMax cap allows you a completely hands-free treatment experience. The rechargeable battery allows you freedom of movement for the 15-minute treatment three days per week.

While some copycats are good (and I recommend some of them on this website), there’s no doubt that the HairMax LaserCap has the power and ability to shine the right light for hair growth.

You don’t have to worry that a knock-off is using light that looks red, but is actually not going to grow hair.

This is the hands-free cap that HairMax pioneered and everyone copied.

The LaserCap is the most powerful hands-free laser-driven hair growth cap you can buy, backed by seven studies published in science journals.

(Have you seen the studies? Check out my article Does HairMax Really Grow Hair?Opens in a new tab.(opens in new window).

View and buy the powerful LaserCap 272 that leaves some competitors in the dust at in a new tab.

The LaserBand 82 Has Extremely Fast Treatment Times


Go to the LaserBand 82Opens in a new tab.

The HairMax LaserBand 82 asks you to do a tiny bit of work in exchange for the shortest treatment time in any at home hair growth device.

The LaserBand 82 asks for just 90 seconds three times a week.

That’s how powerful this device is that it can give you a proper dose of red light in such a short time.

You do have to move the band on your head three times.

First, when you put the band on, and then two more times to cover your entire scalp each session.

Given how ridiculously fast the LaserBand 82 is, if you’re short on time, this is the best device for you from the best company for everyone.

See if HairMax is offering any discountsOpens in a new tab., but really even the retail price is incredibly fair for the power you get in the LaserBand 82.

View and buy the powerful LaserBand 82 for a three-minute treatment time per session, go to HairMax.comOpens in a new tab..

The LaserComb 9 is the Most Powerful Light for the Cheapest Price


Go to the LaserComb 9Opens in a new tab.

If you’re going rock bottom on the price, you can’t ask for a better gift than the LaserComb 9Opens in a new tab.. For a short pile of cash, you get a lot of light in the device that HairMax submitted to seven studies proving hair growth from these lasers.

This is going to take you about 11 minutes per session. You’re going to do some work, but that’s in exchange for paying so little for this powerful device.

You will make three passes on the left side, the top, and the right side of your head.

During each pass, you’ll hold the light for four seconds, and then move it back and inch. You’ll keep moving backwards with the comb until you reach the end of the back of your head.

So on the left side, you put the light on your head, hold for four seconds, then move it back and inch. Hold it there for four seconds, and move it back another inch.

When you get to the back, you’ve done one pass. Now do that two more times for that side.

Done with the left side? Now do three passes on the top, and three passes on the right.

Most people get this done in 11 minutes, and there is a quiet vibration telling you to move the brush to the next spot. You don’t have to count to yourself.

Is it some work?

Yeah, but it’s not that much work considering how much power you’re getting for so little money.

This is the actual device submitted to those studies I keep mentioning, the one that grew hair in every one of those studies.

Check out the very fair priced LaserComb 9 at HairMaxOpens in a new tab.. The longer you wait, the less hair you can save.

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