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Red light therapy video education

The Video Education Series gives you all the information on Best Red Light Therapy in video form. These are curated selections to teach you about red light therapy for the skin, brain, and body. Subjects include the Vielight brand for brain injury and dementia; how red light therapy helps with brain injury; how to do red light therapy for fat loss; how-to and before-and-after videos about reducing wrinkles with red light therapy; testimonials and red light therapy theory of pain relief; unboxing videos (so far I’ve posted Bestqool, Mito Red Light, and LightpathLED); how to do red light therapy for hair growth, including before-and-after videos; news and science on red light therapy for Parkinson’s disease; how red light therapy boosts testosterone; how to do red light therapy for acne reduction; studies and experiences using red light therapy for dementia; how to do red light therapy for exercise recovery and to reduce soreness.
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Caroline Bogart

I research the bloody hell out of everything that interests me, then translate it into blog posts to solidify my knowledge and share the information.

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